My Dog Ate a Condom

When your dog frequently eats things that are not considered food, it could indicate a medical condition known as pica. However, some dogs show this weird behavior because of boredom or stress. Sometimes, your dog may be experiencing nutritional deficiencies or not getting enough food to eat. 

Even so, your furry friend is naturally an explorer and a scavenger. But most of all, your dog loves your smell.  This is why dogs will commonly chew on almost anything, which includes your exposed condom.

Dogs Explore Using the Nose and Mouth

Your dog has a powerful sense of smell and will sniff you before you get through your front door. Once a dog catches a new or strong smell, the instinct to seek it out prevails. 

Your dog’s strong explorer desire to taste new things can make your furry friend chew on things that are not food. It is this curiosity that leads your puppy to eat a condom.

Dogs Are Natural Born Scavengers

Once in a while, even a dog on a leash will pull the handler to scavenge for something in a trash bin or hedge or hole. Likewise, wild dogs hunt for fresh food but will often eat the decaying flesh of dead animals.  Your dog can get attracted to eat a condom because it smells like decaying biological matter.

Your Dog Loves Your Smell

It is an old saying that a dog is man’s best friend. Your loyal friend will follow you to the moon and back. In your absence, your dog will sniff at your dirty clothes to find comfort in your scent. No wonder your dog ate a condom because bodily fluids transmit your scent more strongly than any other thing.

How to Cope with a Dog That Ate a Condom

As indicated, your dog may show this awkward behavior because of some reasons such as curiosity or instinct amongst others. But how did your dog find an exposed condom? It is possible that your furry friend sniffed it out of a trash can or floor. It is wise to keep condoms and other elastic material that your dog may find tasty in a secure place.

More so, it is good to feed your dog with the recommended nutrients. And ensure that your furry friend gets plenty of positive attention. Rarely will a well trained and cared for dog feed from the floor or trash can. 

Signs That Your Dog Ate a Condom

Naturally, your dog will vomit a swallowed condom or eject it through pooh. However, if you don’t see the condom in your dog’s excrement, it may be that it is stuck in the intestines. Some signs of intestinal blockage may include; lethargy, a painful abdomen, and loss of appetite.

If your dog ate a condom and didn’t vomit it out, it is wise to monitor the outdoor potty trips to check for constipation.

Can Your Dog Die from Eating a Condom?

In most cases, your dog will pass out the condom through vomit or poop. There is no need to worry if your furry friend seems normal and shows no signs of pain or upset stomach.

Even so, some of the above-mentioned signs and symptoms can be a life-threatening emergency for your puppy.  These severe conditions require that you take your dog to the vet within 24 hours of ingesting a condom. Most importantly, it is comforting to know that the symptoms are treatable, and your dog should be fine in a few days. 

Can Your Dog Get Sexually Transmitted Diseases from Eating a Condom?

Dogs are not liable to be harmed by the contents of a used condom. Therefore, your furry friend cannot be infected by sexually transmitted illnesses. 

However, condoms are not digestible and contain high levels of elasticity that are harmful to your dog. The elastic can choke your puppy or block the intestines, which may require surgery or other advanced veterinary attention to save your pet’s life.


What may seem weird to you is not the same for your furry friend. Eating a condom is a natural dog act because dogs are born scavengers. Your puppy or grown dog may sniff around the trash for a familiar or strange scent and is likely to pick up something that smells like you. Out of curiosity, your dog can chew a condom, or it may also be that your furry friend has a medical condition. 

Even so, your dog will not die from eating a condom if you consult a qualified vet to treat the symptoms. Most of the symptoms associated with this behavior are easily treatable if quick action is taken.

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