My Dog Ate a Cough Drop! Should I Worry?

Cough drops, just like any other medicine, are meant for human beings with sore throat problems. Most people use it during the winter seasons due to coldness. The purpose of you having a cough drop in your house is because you might be using it to feel better in your throat. Like human beings, dogs have some senses that make them think that some things are edible. They can feel the smell of a cough drop and think that it’s sweet.

Cough drops contain harmful substances such as xylitol and menthol that may cause harm to your dog. You need to know if the cough drop includes one of the implications. If you are sure that your dog ate the cough drop, you need to look for medical attention before it complicates your dog’s health.

Why Are Cough Drops Dangerous for Your Dog?

You need to know that anything that is not digestible to your dog is dangerous. Depending on the cough drop, some contain harmful substances that can make your dog feel uncomfortable. The implications are as follows;


Xylitol is a substance found in some products that are edible by human beings. However, the substance may cause harm to your dog by lowering the blood sugar level suddenly and might cause long-lasting damage to the heart, liver, and brain of your dog. That may happen when your dog eats a cough drop that contains this substance.


Menthol is found in some cough drops as it’s used for soothing and refreshing and releasing the pain in the sore throat. The funny thing is, what makes you feel at ease in your throat, can cause harm to your dog. The apparent effect of menthol on dogs is vomiting and diarrhea. Since this substance is found in most cough drops, it could be dangerous to your dog when he eats the cough drop. Another effect of menthol is weird behavior from the dog. If your dog consumes a high amount of menthol, he might start showing abnormal behavior, and menthol substances can even go to the extent of killing your dog.


Another substance that is found in cough drops and is harmful to your dog is benzocaine. This substance can cause difficulty in breathing to your dog after he consumes the cough drops containing this substance. Benzocaine can be dangerous as it can send your dog to surgery, and in some cases, the substance will affect your dog’s stomach.

To-Do Things When Your Dog Eats Cough Drops

You need to know what you should do whenever you realize that your dog has eaten a cough drop. The guidelines are as follows. Keep reading.

Check Whether Your Dog Is Not Choking

First, be sure that your dog is not choking after eating the cough drops. It would help if you were keen to monitor him for some time.

Check the Ingredients Used 

Have a look at the substances that the cough drop contains. It may sound silly that you are busy looking for the box of the cough drop, but just for the sake of your dog, please do it. If the cough drop contains ingredients such as xylitol, menthol, and benzocaine, look for your vet for your dog’s proper medication. These substances, as I said earlier, they are toxic substances that are harmful to your dog. Don’t assume if you care for your dog.

How Many Cough Drops Did Your Dog Eat?

You should as well be in a position to find out how many cough drops your dog ate. It’s said that too much of something is dangerous, and you need to know the approximate amount before you start any medication. You need to find out whether they ate just one dropped on the floor, or many of them. Confirm whether he swallowed the wrappings of the cough drops as well; it might choke your dog, and the problem may be more serious. Have all the details.

After doing the above things, you will see your dog’s reaction, and after informing your vet about it, he will know how to treat your pet.


Cough drops are effective on human beings but might be dangerous to your dogs. Keep them safe where your dog cannot reach them. It is appropriate for both you and your dog. The storage is what matters; how and where you store your drugs.

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