My Dog Ate a Dead Squirrel! When to Worry

In as much as we love keeping dogs, they are a pain in the neck. They have a strong personality, yet they are so delicate at the same time. You have to keep watch over them every single hour of the day whenever they are out.

Dogs find anything palatable, whether it is poop, spoilt food, dead animals, you name it. They are cute but weird little creatures. When your dog eats a dead animal, say a squirrel, it’s challenging to take in. what should you do? Does it affect their health in any way? Should you take your dog to a vet? These are the questions that race through your mind.

Fortunately for you, they are the very subjects we will deal with in this article. You do not have all the time to read tens of pages when your dog’s life is at stake. That is why, in this article, we are giving you only the critical points to take home. Let’s chat.

Let’s Save Your Dog’s Life First

Call your vet immediately. That is probably an awkward way to begin our conversation but think of it. Your dog just ate a dead squirrel. So before you do any other thing, you should contact your vet and listen to what they say. You will have to give them information on the kind of squirrel the dog ate and the decay level. If necessary, you will also have to tell them where the dead squirrel was when the dog ate it. Meanwhile, let us look at the issues at hand.

Is It a Cause for Worry?

You are already worried about the state of your dog. However, let’s consider something here; When did you last take your dog to the vet for vaccinations? This question is important because if your dog’s vaccinations are up to date, all is well. However, if they are not, we could have a problem.

Despite the safety measures that you may have already taken, there could be a reason for worry. That is because you do not know the cause of the death of the squirrel. Maybe one of your neighbors decided to poison the squirrel after months of torture. Poison will bypass vaccine protection. However, it will also depend on the strength of the poison.

Will Your Dog Get Sick From Eating a Dead Squirrel?

Immediately your dog eats the dead squirrel; it begins to digest the squirrel. Now since it was not a healthy meal, you should expect sickness.

The reason for the sickness is the contents of the dead squirrel. Even before death, there are manifestations of parasites. These worms include the roundworm; This is if the squirrel had roundworm larvae infection. Some of the roundworm invasion symptoms include lethargy, swelling of the abdomen, coughing, colic (pain in stomach), and unusual stool.

The other parasite that is likely to make your dog sick is Coccidia. If Coccidia infects your dog, you will see symptoms like vomiting, dehydration, diarrhea with blood, and mucus particles. Another common symptom is the loss of appetite.

On the other hand, in case of poisoning, your dog is likely to experience a stomach upset. Severe vomiting and diarrhea, cough with blood, excess thirst, and jaundice.

You will agree that some symptoms are severe than others. However, the good news is that death is not inevitable. So you should check on the dog’s symptoms—the more controllable, the better. But when things get out of hand, pay your vet an emergency visit.

Cut the Tree From Its Root

If your dog ate a dead squirrel, it is proof that tomorrow, it will eat something similar or worse. So as early as possible, you should train your dog not to eat animals. Even live animals are equally dangerous when it comes to infections.

Some things are easier said than done. However, helping your dog feed on healthy food is very important. So It’s worth the challenge. Fortunately for you, there are practical ways to stop your dog from eating dead animals.

Let’s Recapitulate

Dogs are fun to have in the house, but they also have their dark side; They eat anything they come across. That includes dead animals like squirrels. There are dangers involved when your dog eats a dead squirrel. They range from poisoning to parasitic infections whose symptoms are dreadful. Seeking professional help is paramount. After the cure, seek preventive measures.

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