My Dog Ate a “Do Not Eat” Packet

If your dog ate a “do not eat packet,” you can’t stay calm since you think his life is in danger. It could be accidental.  But given that it’s a “do not eat” packet, all you’ll think about is probably losing him. You’ll try all possible means to make him safe since you adore your puppy. Is a “do not eat” packet safe for your dog? Do you know what you’re to do in case your dog accidentally eats a “do not eat” packet? Continue reading this revealing article to know more about “do not eat” packets. You’ll also understand the measures you can use when your puppy eats these packets.

What Are “Do Not Eat” Packets

One of the common packs with the label of “do not eat” is silica gel. The pack is typically found in snacks, electronics, or new clothes and prevents them from spoiling. Several scary stories are revolving around silica gel effects on dogs, some of which you’ve heard. And as you know, when under panic you can do a lot which is not needful as the packs can’t harm your dog.

Can a “Do Not Eat” Packet Harm Your Dog? 

You’ll panic when you realize that your dog ate a “do not eat” packet because you think it’s harmful. The packet contains desiccants meant to keep any product they’re packed in dry. It would help if you didn’t worry about the pack harming your dog since it’s not poisonous. It doesn’t also contain toxins that can endanger his life. However, you should know that it can choke him. So, it’s advisable that whenever you buy either snacks or electronics with these “do not eat” packs, ensure you discard them well. 

What Happens if Your Puppy Eats a “Do Not Eat” Packet?

 The packet’s content is not harmful, so nothing serious will happen to your puppy. However, he will experience discomfort in the stomach as the packet will interfere with his intestines. It can also lead to choking, which will make it difficult for him to breathe well. Another effect is it can result in intestinal obstruction; suppose he swallows the whole pack. The intestine obstruction can be worse if you’ve got a smaller dog, so be careful.

What to Do When Your Dog Accidentally Eats a “Do Not Eat” Packet?

When your dog eats a “do not eat” packet, the best thing to do is stay calm. Remember, the packet isn’t poisonous, or it’s content. And because it’s not toxic, you can allow your dog to rest as the packet will come out while he’s defecating. You can also call your vet to come and monitor his situation; suppose the packet doesn’t come out. The vet doctor should conduct an x-ray to see the damage to the packet. If your puppy takes high amounts of the “do not eat” packet, contact the vet for an emergency checkup. 

How Can You Know That Your Dog Ate a “Do Not Eat” Packet?

It’s not easy telling whether your dog has eaten such a packet, especially if you weren’t around. Remember, the packet is what may likely interfere with your dog’s health and not its content. So, you’ll notice your puppy’s appetite-reducing, he’ll vomit or have diarrhea. Sometimes he can also experience pain in his stomach or have lethargy. When your puppy exhibits such signs, don’t hesitate to call a vet since the pain can be unbearable. 

Can You Induce Vomiting on Your Puppy After Eating a “Do Not Eat” Packet?

It’s not advisable to induce vomiting on your dog after eating a “do not eat” packet as you may fail to do it the right way. The wrong procedure can result in pneumonia. It’s also risky as it can get stuck on his esophagus on its way back, causing more trouble. Remember, vets have an injection that can induce vomit without forcing your dog to take hydrogen peroxide. 


You’re likely to panic when your dog eats a “do not eat” packet. You will also try to make him safe by inducing vomit, calling the vet, or giving him lots of drinking water. However, it would help if you stayed calm as the content of the packet is not poisonous. All you need to do is monitor if the packet gets out or is stuck in his intestines.

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