My Dog Ate a Dorito

Dogs have the habit of smelling and tasting anything they find around, be it wrapped or unwrapped. You can be shocked if you see your dog eating a Dorito, which in this case, is a normal thing for people. You need to know how you train your dog to avoid eating anything he finds around. Instead, if you know that your dog loves snacks, you need to ask your vet which snacks are best for him.

Dorito is a portion of junk food for human beings, not for dogs. You might find it interesting sharing your food with your dog, but it does not necessarily mean that Dorito is one of the foods to be shared. Some foods are healthy for dogs and not applicable to human beings and vice versa.

What Are Made up of Doritos?

Before giving your dog or leaving your chips to your dog, you need to know what they are made up of for surety. Doritos are being prepared with high amounts of fat and salt, including onions that can be toxic to your dog. Some are equipped with some sour ingredients, which might make your dog feel uncomfortable in his stomach.

How Much Harm Can Doritos Cause to Your Dog?

It can even affect the kidney of your dog and might lead to death. Before you answer the “how much harm” can Doritos cause to your dog, you need to ask yourself a particular question “how many times have I given my dog Doritos?” The answer you will get to this question will guide you to answer the “how much harm can it cause.” You might be sharing your Doritos with him anytime you eat them, and you console yourself that it is only this once. Well, once in a while won’t harm him, but it can become an addiction to you and your dog.

What to Do When Your Dog Eats a Dorito?

Your frustrations may arise whenever your dog eats a Dorito. Well, you indeed need to worry because you don’t know how much is in his stomach. You need to realize the steps to follow the moment you know that your dog eats a Dorito. Read on.

Contact Your Vet

You can’t handle some issues with dogs, most especially if they start to show some irritations. Contact your vet to tell you what to do, and if the situation is worsening, he will inform you to visit him in his clinic. Don’t make any decisions by assuming you can endanger your dog.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Dog

The Doritos might not start showing the effects on your dog immediately, most especially if he consumes more of it. Still, you are supposed to keep an eye on your dog to see if the effects come later, for you to take the necessary actions.

Train Your Dog to Eat Healthy Foods

Foods like meat are suitable for your dog. Train your dog to eat healthy foods, not junk all the time. If you are a good parent for him, you wouldn’t wish anything to harm him. So that you know, too many junks are unhealthy for him; and for also.

Solutions to Help Your Dog from Eating Doritos

Would you want to know the solutions to help your dog from eating Doritos, right? Well, keep reading.

Keep the Doritos Away from Your Dog

Just avoid giving or eating your Doritos while you are with your pet. It is that simple. Keep it away from him, and you can even eat your Doritos while your dog is asleep to help him live long. Because if you eat around him, he will want, and you won’t resist, but you will grant his wish. Won’t he even beg, right?

Opt for Healthier Snacks for Your Dog

You can as well go for another alternative. Opt for snacks that do not affect the health of your dog. Consult with your vet to know which types of snacks are better for your dog. And, anytime you eat your Doritos, you can give your dog the snacks that your vet recommended for him to enjoy.


You need to train your dog to know what snack is good for him. And, keep your bag containing chips away where your dog can’t reach them. For sure, dogs have the same sense of smell and taste the same way human beings have. Just so you know, today, Doritos are dangerous to your dog. Don’t give them to him if you care for your dog. 

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