My Dog Ate a Dryer Sheet

Household hosts plenty of hazardous items. One of the things in your house that may be dangerous to your dog is a dryer sheet. Dogs are known for messing around with almost everything in the household. Bored dogs and curious puppies tend to eat anything they come across in the house. One of the common things that you will find your dog eating is a dryer sheet.

The question is, how dangerous a dryer sheet is?  Can the chemicals in dryer sheets harm the dog? Is there reason to worry if your dog eats a dryer sheet? And what is the best remedy if your dog ingests a dryer sheet? Read through the article for information on this topic.

Why Do Dogs Eat Dryer Sheets?

One primary reason why your dog is eating dryer sheets is that he may have developed pica behavior. It is where the dog becomes interested in eating non-food items for various reasons. One reason could be he is not getting enough nutrients, so he tries to get them somewhere else. He may also find the surroundings boring, so he begins to look for something interesting to do besides playing with toys and bones.

When your dog has this behavior, you need to see a vet to determine the underlying cause of this habit. He will examine to find out if it is a behavior or physical problem. If it is behavior, then you will need to take your dog through training to discourage the behavior. In case it is a nutrition problem, the vet will advise you on the kind of diet you should feed your dog.

Are Dryer Sheets Toxic?

It is easy to assume that minor things such as dryer sheets are harmless, but they are not. They are among the dangerous things that your dog can eat. One thing you need to know is that dryer sheets have synthetic material that is indigestible. They also contain hazardous chemicals such as cetrimonium bromide and benzalkonium chloride. These two chemicals are under the category of cationic surfactants. They are also present in softeners and can be toxic to your dog.

Do Dogs Become Sick When They Eat Dryer Sheets?

Dryer sheets are generally toxic to dogs. They contain panoply chemicals that are not present in any kind of food that dogs and humans eat. So, since the dryer sheet uses cationic detergents, this chemical can disrupt the dog’s gastrointestinal tract. This kind of disruption can cause mild and or moderate bouts of diarrhea and vomiting.

So, if your dog loses appetite, vomits, and diarrheas, it could be a sign that he has ingested a dryer sheet. In this case, you need to see a vet for immediate medical attention before the health of your dog deteriorates.

What Are Health Complications Associated with Dogs Eating Dryer Sheets?

Dryer sheets have two health risks to your dog. First, when the dog ingests the dryer sheet, it can cause gastrointestinal obstruction. Second, the dryer sheet may block the intestinal tract, causing serious illness and even death. When your dog has an intestinal obstruction, he will have to undergo surgery to remove it, a procedure that may be dangerous.

What to Do in Case Your Dog Eats Dryer Sheets

If your dog happens to ingest the dryer sheet, you should take him to your vet immediately. Do not try any home remedies with your dog because this may worsen the situation. Note that most of the home remedies you may use to induce vomiting can also be toxic. So, you will find that instead of helping the dog, you are making the condition even worse. Ingestion of dryer sheets by dogs requires specialized medical attention. And this is something that only a qualified vet can do.


Many people may leave a dryer sheet hanging around without knowing how toxic they can be to their pets. Some people say that a dog may get attracted to a dryer sheet because he finds it to be warm. Others believe that it is because of fragrance. Whatever the reason, dryer sheets, as discussed above, can cause health risks to your dog and cats too. The best thing is to keep them away where the dog or cat cannot access them.

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