My Dog Ate a Fly

Dogs are generally funny animals, and they like playing around with anything they come across. It could be an object, human, other pets such as cats, or even insects. Anything they can play with to break the boredom makes them feel good and happy. Among the things you will find your dog playing with most of the time is flies.

Flies provide dogs with an enjoyable catch game. It is, therefore, common to see dogs turning left and right trying to chase the flies. However, in the process of playing with the fly, your dog can accidentally or intentionally eat the fly. Now, what must be worrying you is if it is safe for the dog to swallow flies? And is there a reason for you to worry? Keep reading to find out more about this exciting topic.

Why Do Dogs Try to Chase and Eat Flies?

If you have a sporting or hunting dog breed, you should expect fly chasing and fly gobbling. Such dogs tend to chase and pursue insects that annoy them. Flies are part of this group. Dogs may develop a compulsion or obsession with chasing flies, and in the process, they may eat them.

Also, when a dog is outside the house, he is usually interested in other giant insects. So he will not chase flies. However, when it is inside the house where it can only see flies, they become a center of attraction. He will happily chase after them, and in the process, he may eat them.

Note that the eating of flies among dogs can be intentional or accidental. If he does intentionally, you will see him chew the fly before swallowing. The accidental one, the dog happens to swallow it whole and alive.

Is It Okay for Dogs to Eat Flies?

When your dog is roaming outside your yard or in the park, he can eat a lot of things. You might not even notice everything your dog eats. Flies are just one of the things that your dog may happen to ingest. And if you are wondering if it is okay for your dog to ingest files, you can relax. These insects do not pose any health risk to your dog.

Can Flies Cause Allergy in Dogs?

Unlike other insects that bite and cause an allergic reaction to the dog, flies are among the safe insects. They don’t bite nor cause any allergies to pets. So, when your dog eats flies, there is no cause for alarm. It won’t sting the tongue or cause allergy.

So, what you need to protect your dog from are stinging insects. Your dog may try to ingest it, and in the process, get stung in the mouth or throat. Though some insects may not cause allergy, the swelling from the bites can block the dog’s airway.

Is There a Need to Worry When Your Dog Eats Flies?

If your dog swallows a live-fly, that should not worry you. Note that the dog’s stomach has low pH. So, when the fly gets there, it cannot withstand the environment. It means that as soon as it reaches down the stomach, it will die almost instantly.

Can Dogs Get Infected with Worms When They Eat Flies?

Snacking on insects is pretty good for dogs. As a person, you may find it nasty. But for dogs, it is about the pleasure of hunting and the reward of catching. However, not all insects are good for dogs to eat. Some do transmit parasites.  So, even though insects aren’t bad for dogs, some have hidden risks of transmitting parasites.

Lucky enough, flies are not part of those insects or bugs that infect dogs with parasites when ingested. In short, flies do not carry parasites. So, you don’t have to worry about your dog getting infected with worms.


Though flies may not be dangerous to your dog, it is good to watch out for what your dog ingests. Sometimes it is easy to assume that he is catching and eating flies. But in the real sense, he is feeding on other insects that might be dangerous and can harm him. If your dog starts showing symptoms of sickness after swallowing an insect, you should visit your vet immediately.

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