My Dog Ate a French Fry

Who doesn’t like hanging out with their best buddies? Not you. And most of all, not anyone you know. Our friends can be family members or people we are not related to by blood. And that includes our pets too. That is where we find our canine friends. We even carry them with us when having lunch or watching movies with our human acquaintances. Up to now, there is no problem with that.

However, the problem arises when you feel like you can feed your dog with all sorts of foods. And when it’s not you, it can be your friends. You do not mean any harm to your dog when you do this. But when it happens, and your instincts tell you that it’s wrong, what do you do?

There are times when your gut tells you the truth. However, since we are not perfect, we make wrong choices despite trusting our gut. Also, when it comes to pets’ food choices, there is lots of information for you to absorb all at once. All are informational, but there are only a few that we can count on for credibility. So what do you do when you meet a crisis when your dog has eaten a French fry?

This article lays all facts on the table so that there’s no room for guessing. If you are in this dilemma as most pet keepers, let’s chat.

Do Dogs Eat French Fries?

The first question that you are probably struggling with is whether dogs eat French fries. A simple answer is obvious; Yes, they do. French fries come from potatoes, oil, and some salt. If you are a creative chef in the kitchen, you can develop different recipes with the three additives. And they are perfect for both animal and human consumption.

You are not the only dog owner to raise this concern. Since many already have, that means it’s very mutual in dogs. Don’t be surprised if you saw your neighbor across the street, feeding their dog with French fries. Dogs enjoy French fries just as we do. You can’t object that they taste great.

Is It Healthy for Dogs to Eat French Fries?

We are okay with the fact that dogs can eat French fries. Now the question is whether it is right for dogs to eat them or not. And that is where we begin a different course.

Just because your dog can take French fries, it does not mean that they should. There is nothing wrong with the ingredients used to make French fry since your dog can digest them comfortably. However, know that potatoes have too many carbohydrates, which is a burden to your dog’s digestive process.

A dog may consume French fries today and walk away doing just fine. However, long-term use will cause severe conditions. These include kidney problems from the salt, diabetes, or inflammation of the pancreas resulting from the fat.

Furthermore, French fries lack nutrients. So that means that your dog is getting nothing out of the deal. It’s no point offering your dog what is not helping. Do you agree?

How to Address the Situation

If your dog has just eaten a single French fry, you do not have to panic. Even so, the dog is not off the hook yet. That is because some dogs are hypersensitive to the elements used for French fries. There’s little probability that you know if your dog is allergic to them. Just watch, and you’ll see.

On the other hand, if your dog ate more French fries, begin helping him by giving him water. That will help manage the acute symptoms. What are these symptoms? Read on

Symptoms You Should Watch Out For

You will notice that the French fry is giving your dog problems if you see the following manifestations. They include vomiting, stomach upset, dehydration, excess urination, and diarrhea. They may stop after a while.

However, if the symptoms continue for more than twelve hours, that’s a problem. You will have to contact your vet as fast as you can.

Let’s Wrap It Up

We all like to have fun with our pets. And that includes hanging around with them. However, someone may mistakenly give them foodstuffs that are not safe. That includes French fries. If you notice that, take the necessary precautions. Monitor your dog to see if there are any reactions. When in doubt, contact your vet immediately.

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