My Dog Ate a Fruit Snack

Fruit snacks are among the most popular snacks in most homes. This is because fruit snacks are easy and quick when you need to eat, making them an ideal choice for busy people. Additionally, the pleasant look of fruit snacks makes them even more attractive. However, humans are not alone in finding fruit snacks incredible. Dogs, too, strive to get the fruit snack and enjoy what humans enjoy. For this reason, you may realize that your dog got a fruit snack in your candy bag or on the floor and ate it. 

Realizing that your dog ate something that he was not supposed to, such as a fruit snack, can be scary. However, before you start panicking, find out whether the fruit snack has any adverse effects on the dog. Read below to know how you should react in case your dog ate a fruit snack.

What Are Fruit Snacks Made Of?

The fruit snack packaging offers information on whether or not it is safe when your dog eats a fruit snack. The constitutes of different fruit snacks vary based on the manufacturer. However, the most common fruit snacks include concentrates; pineapples, grape, pear, or peach. Additionally, there is sugar, corn syrup, artificial vitamins, gelatin, lactic acid, glucose syrup, and artificial flavors. The fruit concentrates in the fruit snacks are made when water is completely removed from the original fruit. This way, the sugar in the fruit snack is more concentrated than in the original fruit.

On the other hand, modified corn are chemically modified corn starches, thus making them thicker. Although these corn causes harm to the dog, they add no nutritional value. The vitamins in the fruit salad are also artificial. This means that their nutritional value is low as compared to the nutrition value in fruits.

Is the Fruit Snack Dangerous to Your Dog?

Ideally, the fruit snack is unlikely to cause harm to your dog. This is especially if the dog ate only a small amount of the fruit snack. However, as seen above, the fruit snack has little nutrition value. Additionally, a higher percentage of fruit snacks are sweeteners, preservatives, artificial flavors, and sugar. Like in the case of humans, these ingredients are likely to have adverse effects on your dog, especially if eaten in excess. 

For instance, the excess sugar in the fruit snack could lead to tooth decay and other teeth problems in dogs. Moreover, artificial sweeteners and preservatives could bring about health complications for your dog, such as diabetics and obesity. These artificial edibles could also cause inflammation of some essential internal body parts, not to mention cardiovascular problems.

What Should You Expect After Your Dog Eats a Fruit Snack?

It is normal to feel scared if your dog ate a fruit snack. However, if the fruit snack is eaten it is not much, no need to worry. The high chances are that he will pass it out through the stool. In some cases, your dog may throw up. However, if all seems okay with the dog, all is well.

Nevertheless, keep a close eye on the dog for several hours or days. If he seems to behave abnormally, for instance, loss of appetite or unusually bored, talk to a veterinarian. If your dog has been taking fruit snacks for a long time, you may realize more complicated signs such as cardiovascular problems. It would be best if you rushed to the vet when your dog is at this point. If the dog has been eating fruit snacks for a while and has not shown signs of any problem, stop feeding them the fruit snacks to avoid any further problems.

What Should You Do if Your Dog Ate a Fruit Snack?

If your canine friend ate a fruit snack, the most you can do is to relax and prevent them from eating the snack again. However, keenly observe them and inform your vet in case of anything unusual. Additionally, be more careful in storing fruit snacks away from him. Otherwise, since fruit snacks are pleasing to the dog’s eye, he will always eat them when he comes across them regardless of the risks.


Although fruit snacks are healthy for you, they are not the best snacks for dogs. However, if your dog ate only a few fruit snacks, there are low risks of any problems. In case you need a snack for your dog, try real fruits since they have a higher nutrition value.  

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