My Dog Ate a Gingerbread House

Gingerbread houses are made for holiday celebrations such as Christmas. It can be saddening when you find out that your dog ate a gingerbread house meant for the Christmas celebration. Apart from that, it is not healthy for your dog, most especially if he eats too much of it. Ideally, gingerbread houses should be eaten by human beings after the celebration.

What Does a Gingerbread Have?

Before sympathizing with your gingerbread house, which was meant for your Christmas celebration, you need to know what comprises gingerbread. You might be thinking of your celebration and assuming your dog who ate the gingerbread house and his life might be in danger. Gingerbread contains nutmeg that can upset the stomach of your dog. The reason is the nutmeg has a substance in it that cannot agree with your dog’s stomach.

How Is Gingerbread House Built?

Your dog might have eaten something that you don’t know where and how it was formed. You need to know the things the gingerbread is made of and how it is made. Gingerbread house is made of cookie dough, which you can use to cut and bake to result in suitable components like walls and roofing. You can boil the cookie dough, shape it to help you in decorating the gingerbread house. The gingernuts form gingerbread.

Can Gingerbread House Harm, Your dog?

The answer is yes. Generally, chocolate kinds of stuff are not always suitable for pets, and in this case, it is your dog whose life is at stake. And the gingerbread house has some nutmeg particles, which might cause strain in your dog’s stomach. Again, gingerbread is made of high sugar and fats, which is dangerous when taken in larger quantities by your dog.

Signs and Symptoms

Some symptoms may arise after your dog eats the gingerbread house. You need to watch out if your dog has disorientation, increased heart rate, high blood pressure, dry mouth, or even abdominal pain. These signs might come sooner or later, so stay on the watch to help your dog.

How to Help Your Dog

What actions should you take after realizing that your dog has eaten the gingerbread house? Well, if you want to know, then keep reading.

Reach Out to Your Vet

After encountering one or all of the signs and symptoms mentioned above, reach out to your vet for better treatment. The sooner, the better to assist your pet. Your vet will tell you what to do immediately, and if the symptoms persist, he will advise you to take your dog to his or her clinic.

Consult on a Healthy Gingerbread House for Dogs

You can decide to help your dog during festive seasons by building him a nice and healthy gingerbread house healthy for him. Well, the exact one for your family. You can do that by consulting for better ingredients to use while building him the gingerbread house. One thing is for sure, and you will not worry if he eats it, because it is healthy for him.

Watch the Diet of Your Dog

It may sound cliché to some people, but just like a baby, your pet needs to be watched on what he takes in as well. On most occasions, you might think that meat is the appropriate food for your dog, yet it is, but he can’t consume it daily. He needs to change his diet, as well. At some point, try out snacks that are healthy for your dog. Maybe your dog missed snacks; that is why he opted for eating your gingerbread house. To avoid such scenarios, give your dog what is best for him.

Build Your Gingerbread House Away from the Dog

As a final point, build your gingerbread house where your pet cannot reach it. It is that simple. After all, it is just a house meant for celebration, at the end of it, you and your family will eat it. So, it is not that important as the health of your dog.


Whether it is a gingerbread house or gingerbread, they both are not healthy for your dog. Look for a better solution to what your dog can eat. And about the gingerbread house, you can have an option of building it again or even forgetting about it. Your priority should be your dog at this point. Looking after his health doesn’t just mean to bathe him, but what he eats as well. Please don’t assume it.

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