My Dog Ate a Glow Stick

Glow sticks are a common sight during the Halloween celebrations or on July fourth. During this festive season, most people love to don glowing necklaces or play with the glow stick. Some people even go to the extent of hanging the glow sticks on their pet’s necks. If your dog ate a glow stick by bad luck during this time, you’d have to worry as they have health risks. Can you tell of any health risk glow sticks have on your dog? Do you know the best way to handle your puppy after he’s eaten a glow stick? Read along to understand the dangers of letting your dog eat glow sticks. You’ll also learn the safest ways you can use to make him safe after such an incident.

Can a Glow Stick Harm Your Dog When Ingested?

You will have to panic when you realize that your dog ate a glow stick. This is because it has an oily liquid, which some vets warn against use. The fluid is called dibutyl phthalate, and it’s the same element vinyl producers use at times. It’s always colorless though there’s the colored type, and it’s also bitter. Although the liquid isn’t poisonous, vets claim that it contains toxins from the several tests they’ve done. 

One of the significant damages the liquid can do to your dog is damaging his vital organs like kidney or liver. It can also interfere with his development growth if he’s a small puppy. Understand that some glow sticks are made of glass, so your dog can get injuries in his mouth. Or worse, the broken glass particles can harm his digestive system, resulting in surgery. Glow sticks also contain hydrogen peroxide, which can react with his skin or eye. The higher the amount of glow stick your dog eats, the adverse effects it will cause on him.

Effects of Your Puppy Chewing on a Glow Stick

If your dog ingests, a glow sticks his throat can get injuries or block. The blockage can come about from the plastic casing of the glow stick. The puppy can also have internal damages that result from the glass components. Seeing these signs is never easy; however, you will note that your dog becomes aggressive or his stool has blood. You can also note that your puppy will be drooling too much or foaming on his mouth. Your dog may even gag, diarrhea, or vomit something that he never had before eating the glow stick. If you’re keen enough, you’ll realize that your dog may paw at his eyes or mouth and become less active.

What to Do if Your Puppy Eats a Significant Portion of the Glow Stick?

Glow sticks are of various sizes. If your puppy ate a glow stick, you should approximate the extent he’s eaten using the remaining piece. Doing this will help you know the damage it can cause to your puppy. If he’s eaten a bigger portion, be fast and call your vet. As you go to the vet’s office, don’t forget to carry the remaining part. It’ll help the doctor in making an approximation. 

Caring for Your Dog After Ingesting a Small Piece of a Glow Stick

If your puppy didn’t eat a more significant portion of the glow stick, you could manage his home situation. With a smaller quantity, he will be reacting to the bad taste in his mouth. To help him regain his mouth’s original flavor, wipe it using a damp towel. Giving him his favorite food that he won’t resist eating can also work. Milk, tuna fish, or chicken can again do. Don’t forget to look for irritation in his eyes or fur, and if present, use water to wash away. 

Preventive Measures 

For your dog to be safe from glow sticks, and not get temptations to eat them, keep it away always. Please don’t assume that since it can’t kill your puppy, he won’t get sick from eating it. Ensure whenever you’ve parties where the glow sticks are used, stored, or disposed of safely. 


Glow sticks can’t kill your puppy when he accidentally eats it. But then be sure he’ll suffer from the effects of its content like the bitter liquid and glass. If your puppy didn’t eat a massive piece of the glow stick, consider taking care of him at home. However, when he took a bigger portion, do visit the vet to get special attention. 

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