My Dog Ate a Gourd

Dogs are supposedly carnivorous because of their wolf origin. However, dogs are curious animals and will want to try out new food.  For this reason, your pooch may eat gourd when exposed to it. Even though it is safe for your dog to eat gourd, not all Cucurbitaceae types are edible.

When consumed in moderation, a natural gourd does not have any side effects besides mild diarrhea or stomach upset. However, when your dog eats excessively, it may develop stomach pain, abdominal pain, and vomiting.  

Is It Good for Dogs to Consume Gourd?

Some types of gourds are edible by both man and best friend. The edible gourds are not toxic to your pooch and do not have major side effects. However, certain types of the gourd are harmful and must not be eaten by your puppy. These include apple gourd and gooseneck. 

Even so, edible Cucurbitaceae contain nutrients that can benefit your canine’s health.  Rich in vitamins and minerals, this bitter vegetable can improve your puppy’s health. Bottle gourd and bitter gourd are edible and pose no known harm to your dog.

Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd is non-toxic to dogs. Your canine can benefit from vitamin A and C that is contained in this type of gourd. It is also loaded with foliate and is low in fat. Your pet can feed on either row or cooked bitter gourd. Bitter gourd is good when served alone without adding other food that can be harmful to your dog.

Bottle Gourd

Vegetables from the gourd family are a great addition to any dog meal. Bottle Gourd is a rich source of fiber and potassium. However, you may have to boil this gourd and mix it with other vegetables before feeding your pooch. This makes it tasty and easier for your dog to digest. However, some dogs become sick after ingesting bottle gourd. 

Decorative Gourd

Naturally, it is well known that dogs are not vegetarians and will, therefore, not find gourd tasty. Even so, curiosity can make your furry friend munch a decorative gourd. Your dog is likely not to be harmed if the ingested gourd is untreated. However, if it is treated, your best friend may experience irritation of the bowels.

What to Expect When Your Dog Ate a Gourd

Ingesting gourd may cause your dog to experience gastrointestinal distress.  This is because dogs will naturally take big bites at any meal. The hard, sharp-edged chunks of the gourd can block your dog’s intestinal system causing it to rapture.

More so, gourd contains laxative properties that can cause your canine to diarrhea if taken in excess. For this reason, it is wise to limit your dog’s intake of gourds of any kind. 

What to Do if Your Dog Eats Gourd

After ingesting gourd, some dogs may seem fine. Even so, you must contact a vet. This is because some signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia are invisible to the naked eye. 

For this reason, you must monitor your dog closely and refer to a qualified veterinarian if you notice any changes in your pooch.

It helps to give some glucose to a dog that has eaten gourd. This is the most common method across cultures’. If your dog can swallow, you may try to give it a fill of glucose. It is also helpful to rub some honey in your dog’s mouth. 

When to Worry if Your Dog Eats Gourd

Excess consumption of gourd by dogs can cause hypoglycemia. This condition is life-threatening and needs to be treated as an emergency. Some signs that your canine has contracted hypoglycemia include; behavior change, altered mental activity, seizures, and loss of vision. You must consult a veterinarian immediately if you notice these signs in your dog.

However, some symptoms may not be visible to the naked eye. It is wise to consult a vet whenever your dog eats excess gourd.


Gourds are not toxic to dogs.  However, it is wise to limit the intake and allow your puppy to ingest gourd in moderation. The preparation of gourd is rigorous. And you must ensure to dry the seeds properly before serving your dog with this vegetarian delicacy.

Excess consumption of gourd can lead to severe consequences on your pooch’s wellness.  Your dog may develop hypoglycemia if fed on an excess gourd.

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