My Dog Ate a Hair Tie

You would genuinely wonder why your dog would go for a hair tie of all the foreign object ingestion. It is the last thing you would expect them to eat. But many dog owners confess to losing not just one or two but several of their hair ties to their canines. Experts think a key reason lies in the smell a hair tie emits. Most likely, it has your lovely odor, and they would gobble it up without a second thought. Then, of course, a typical hair tie is fun and exciting to play with. Perhaps in the process of such a delightful encounter, it winds up in their tummy.

At this point, there should never be cause for worry as the piece may, without drama, end up in their stool. They might even vomit it up immediately. Still, if you possess any of those necessary first aid skills, you could induce vomit. You could also physically navigate through their throat back mouth to retrieve.

Beware of the Prevalent Risks of Eating a Hair Tie

Despite your dog’s less-than-picky palate and his robust digestive tract, you would never know when things can turn out worse due to their unnatural eating habits. For one, the hair tie is an ever-present choking and even poisoning risk. It can make your dog begin to cough and gag. The piece could also be carrying toxic substances out of hair oil, making your pup ill. Most hair ties are either elastic or rubber. These can stick to his gut and cause grievous health issues, including vomiting, loss of appetite, and diarrhea. You can’t also rule out nasty complications such as intestinal blockage if your pup is small or young.

Additional Complications for Smaller Dogs

Any dog can potentially face a few difficulties after hair tie ingestion. But the problem can be compounded if yours is a smaller or younger hound. Experts say it can be challenging for the piece to pass through their tiny throat and the stomach smoothly. Then, once the hair tie gets stuck along the digestive tract, the dog can start to exhibit severe symptoms and general discomfort. Some of the hair ties accessories could also puncture the intestinal lining. Besides the unbearable pain, your dog may suffer inflammation and infection, all of which are life-threatening and require you to seek vet services quickly.

What to Do Once Your Dog Eats a Hair Tie

According to vet research, the prognosis should not be as bad if your dog ingests a hair tie or any other foreign object. All you have to do is stay alert and keep searching for the piece in their poop. As revolting as the whole process could be, the only way you can have peace of mind is to find the hair tie. Your pup might also naturally spew it up. But if not, you can induce vomiting using the readily available hydrogen peroxide. Two spoonfuls should be enough to make him regurgitate. Always work closely with a professional if your dog is young or tiny to avoid choking incidents as the objects try to come out.

Be on the Lookout for Further Warning Signs

The anticipation is that the next stool will bring out the hair tie. But it can’t see the object, and yet your dog exhibits signs such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, or bloating; something could exceptionally be wrong. Also, as time elapses, these symptoms can aggravate such that your dog becomes dehydrated and weak. Watch out for metabolic and behavioral changes too. Your usual loving and friendly companion might become overly aggressive. 

It would help if you did not wait to see a vet, as things can only go downhill, and your pup s life could be in danger. The initial suspected case could be intestinal obstruction. A vet’s physical examination can identify the exact place the hair tie is lodged. They can then remove it using an endoscopy or a surgical procedure in the most severe cases.

In brief, your dog can innocently gorge on anything, including that hair tie. Your responsibility is to stay alert to such dangers. The best preventive method would be to keep all of your hair ties and other objects out of reach of your dog. You can lock them in your drawer or any other covered container to avoid your pup eating them.

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