My Dog Ate a Highlighter

Your dog eating a highlighter seems weird, right? But then dogs tend to eat everything that comes their way, especially plastic. If your dog already ate the highlighter, you have to look at how to help him since it’s an object that can harm his digestive system. What about the highlighter’s content? Is it harmful, or your puppy will be safe after eating it? To understand these, read through this informative article. It will help you know what to do when you’re in such a situation.

What Can Prompt Your Dog into Eating a Highlighter?

Since most highlighter casings are made of plastic, your dog can eat it out of frustration. Or when he’s bored and wants something to keep his mouth busy so he’ll opt for chewing it. Alternatively, if you have a small puppy, it can resort to chewing the highlighter when it’s teething to make him feel comfortable. Some dogs also naturally love chewing anything that comes their way. In this case, if your puppy came into contact with the highlighter, he will not spare it.

Can the Ink in the Highlighter Harm Your Dog?

The main components of a highlighter pen are ink, which is made from water plus solvent. Another ingredient is the dye. The ink in the highlighter is not toxic since it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. And since your puppy may swallow the highlighter without chewing it, the ink might not be a point of concern here. The main risk of your pup’s eating the highlighter is that the ink can cause him stomach upsets. It would help if you also remembered that the ink in the highlighter is minimal. So, it can’t cause any serious harm to your puppy.

What’s the Effect of the Highlighter’s Plastic Casing on Your Dog?

If your dog ate a highlighter, the possibility of the plastic casing harming him is very high. Suppose he did chew the highlighter; it can cause injuries in his mouth. Also, it can result in damage to the intestines forcing you to seek a vet’s intervention. Another issue with your dog eating the highlighter’s plastic casing is it can cause blocking his intestines. 

How Can You Know When Your Dog Has Eaten a Highlighter?

Knowing when your puppy has eaten a highlighter is never easy since he can be very sneaky with it. Not unless you spot him, but then there are signs which can lead to such a conclusion. For example, the dog can vomit any time he eats because of intestinal obstruction. Your puppy can also experience pain in his stomach or fail to defecate. At times your dog may pass stool containing the highlighter evidence that he ate it. Or even have a low appetite, a change from his usual feeding habit.

What to Do When Your Puppy Ingests a Highlighter

If it’s not long since your dog ate the highlighter, you can induce vomiting by administering hydrogen peroxide. Administer one tablespoon containing hydrogen peroxide, then mix it by shaking his belly. You can repeat the process up to three times after ten to five minutes.  You can also give him time and watch his stool if he can pass it out. If that doesn’t work, you can cook rice and chicken without bones to aid in removing the highlighter. Doing this is like changing his diet, which you should do for about three to five days. If, after changing his diet, there are no changes, call your vet, especially if you notice that your puppy is vomiting and has anorexia.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe from Eating Highlighter?

Ensure you safely store the highlighter to prevent your dog from eating it. You should also keep a close look whenever you’re using a highlighter in his presence. A close look at him is because he can get hold of it without your knowledge. You should also advise your family members to be cautious when using highlighters, especially if your dog is teething or loves chewing things.


Your dogs’ eating behavior is something you can’t tell since he can sneak and eat prohibited foods behind your back. To make your dog safe ensure you keep the highlighter far from his reach. You should also understand the care measures you can use if he accidentally eats a highlighter. Don’t forget to call a vet doctor if you feel your puppy’s life is in danger after eating a highlighter.

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