My Dog Ate a Hot Dog

Dogs are curious animals. They want to know more about everything that they come across. Unfortunately, dogs satisfy their curiosity with their mouths. For this reason, you may find your dog eating a lot of things, even what he is not supposed to. A hot dog is one thing that your dog may come across and eat without your knowledge. Since hot dogs are not the usual dog food, it may scare you when your dog eats them. However, you do not have to worry much when your dog eats a hot dog in some cases. Below is more information on whether hot dogs are safe for dogs and what to do when your dog eats one.

Are Hot Dogs Safe for Dogs?

Generally, dogs should not eat hot dogs. Sure, the dog probably eats some of the ingredients used to make hot dogs. However, based on the ingredients, some hot dogs are bad for dogs. For instance, hot dogs with monosodium glutamate and sodium nitrate react negatively in the dog’s body. Additionally, other hot dogs have powders and seasonings from onions and garlic, which could harm the dog. Most hot dogs have other ingredients that are allergens to the dog, not to mention that the hot dog’s shape could choke your dog. It is safe to say that you should keep your dog away from hot dogs for such reasons.

Why Can Dogs Not Eat Hot Dogs?

As mentioned above, hot dogs are bad for dogs because of most of their ingredients. Some of these ingredients, for instance, sodium nitrate, could result in cancer. Additionally, hot dogs have salt, which is above the recommended sodium level that a dog should consume in a day. Therefore, when your dog eats a hot dog, he consumes more salt than he is supposed to. The excess salt for your dog can lead to dehydration, which is dangerous for dogs.

Are There Specific Hot Dogs That Dogs Can Eat?

There are different kinds of hot dogs. For instance, there are uncooked hot dogs, hot dog buns, pork hot dogs, and turkey hot dogs. Since the different hot dogs have different ingredients, they may have different effects on your dog. The uncooked hot dogs are among risky hot dogs. This is because it is wrong to feed raw food to your dog. The presence of bacteria in uncooked food makes uncooked hot dogs bad for dogs. Hot dog buns are safe for dogs. However, they are safe only when taken in small quantities. Therefore, if you have to feed your dog, the hot dog buns, ensure that it is in small quantities.

If you have a turkey hot dog with no other ingredients risky for your dog, you can give him a piece. Turkeys are great foods for dogs since they help in muscle building. Therefore, you can slice the turkey hot dogs and share them with your dog. However, avoid it if your dog is allergic to white meat. Like the turkey hot dogs, pork hot dogs are safe for dogs if they have the right ingredients. This means that they have low sodium and fat content. If they meet these qualities, your dog will enjoy eating pork hot dogs since dogs love pork.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Ate a Hot Dog?

If your dog snatched one of your hot dogs and ate it without your knowledge, do not worry much about it. Most likely, if it was only one piece of a hot dog, it will not have any negative effects on him. In some cases, however, the hot dog may cause diarrhea and vomiting based on its ingredients. The diarrhea is likely to stop after a short while. However, observe him and inform a veterinarian in case of any other worrying symptoms. Additionally, give him enough water to avoid dehydration due to diarrhea or vomiting.

What Is the Alternative to Hot Dogs?

Given the risks of having your dog eat a hot dog, it is best to keep them away from him. However, if you are at a barbecue and the rest of you are eating hot dogs, there are other foods that you can give your dog in place of hot dogs. For instance, you can give him plain chicken, beef, or pork with no salt or seasoning in it.


Although your dog would love to eat whatever you eat, hot dogs are not a good choice for them. However, if your dog ate one hot dog without your knowledge, do not worry since it will probably not harm the dog. Nevertheless, strive to avoid chances of your dog eating hot dogs to avoid the risks mentioned above.

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