My Dog Ate a Jalapeno

The spicy effect of jalapenos makes a portion of great delicious food for your palate. They are also known for their immense health benefits. With minimal calories, they consist of great fiber and massive amounts of vitamins A, C, K, and B 6. They are indeed a superfood that can accelerate your metabolism and reduce inflammation. But the question is, do the same benefits apply to your dog? Can it help itself to jalapeno and not fall seriously sick?

Research states that jalapeno wouldn’t cause serious harm to your dog since it does not carry any toxic compounds. The only concern is that your dog’s digestive system may not tolerate the spice as well as yours does. Assuming that it merely consumed a tiny piece of it, then all you can expect is a shoot of diarrhea, and that is it. However, eating in large quantities can aggravate the digestive system’s issues, likely pushing emergency medical care.

A Few Factors to Consider Once Your Dog Consumes a Jalapeno

While a jalapeno doesn’t cause immediate harm due to its non-toxic properties, you should assess every aspect surrounding ingestion. For example, you shouldn’t panic if they ate just a little bit of it. Copious amounts might create some concern. Your dog’s size also matters a great deal. The smaller they are, the more intolerant they could be to the jalapeno. Is your dog in any way allergic to spicy food? An affirmative answer means you may need to speak to your vet to take care of any reaction that could occur. Then, if yours is a young puppy, their digestive tract is still delicate and may not handle the tangy nature of a jalapeno. Generally, dogs are not used to eating spicy food, so you may not predict the reaction immediately.

What to Expect Due to Accidental Ingestion

Assuming your dog accidentally ate the jalapeno, your concern is if it could have adverse health issues. An immediate reaction could occur, yes, and that is only if your dog is allergic to spicy food. They might also throw massive diarrhea. Thus, it would help if you prepared for a clean up and foul smell in case of gas. The excellent news is that long-term issues are rare unless you are regularly feeding your dog on the spice.

Meanwhile, experts advise that you stay around your dog for a bit longer to see if anything else would come up. If you suspect a disturbed digestive system after the ingestion, you can use an easy home remedy to soothe them. Most owners swear by canned pumpkin or squash to bring their dog back to form. Then, of course, if you do not want to deal with the whole messy outcome, you can confine your dog somewhere you will find it easier to clean.

Why You Should Provide Better Food Choices for Your Dog

Most people would offer food remnants and scraps to their dogs as a treat. But this is not a good idea as they can begin to eat things, including a jalapeno that can hurt their digestive system. Some of these scrapes could contain toxic properties unfavorable for canines. If your dog keeps begging for your food, have something ready, a nice treat in this case. While they are snacking, you would also be enjoying your meal.

An excellent behavioral training technique around food is that you can always wait until your pup stops begging for your food. As they leave you alone, you can positively reward the dog with their best snack. Mostly it reinforces desirable eating habits such that they will start to associate non-begging with good treats of their own.

Your Rule of Thumb Should Be No Jalapeno for Your Pup

Even if jalapenos are right for your health and taste-wise, they are not a good food option for your dog. Your hound, irrespective of breed, size, and age, cannot handle spicy food. Of course, you might not see any adverse effects for now, but the more they eat, the more their digestive system suffers. Think of the typical side effects as inflammation, bloating, and pain. If your dog keeps getting diarrhea due to jalapeno ingestion, then he could grow weaker and less vibrant.

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