My Dog Ate a Ketchup Packet

Did you know that most people are ketchup lovers? Well, you are part of it, and that’s why you have a ketchup packet in your house, and unfortunately, your dog ate it. Your worry might not be him eating ketchup, but it must be him consuming it with the entire packet. Your dog will feel a little creepy since the package he finished might make him feel uncomfortable in his stomach.

Why Worry About the Ketchup Packet Your Dog Consumed?

The packet itself has a plastic and metallic foil, which, of course, is not healthy for any living thing, be it a dog or human being. Any living thing cannot consume any plastic stuff. So, it would be best if you worried a little bit because of the packet. If it were ketchup alone, at least it would not be a big deal. There is a possibility that the ketchup packet might cause a blockage in his intestines. And that might lead to something else.

What to Do After Your Dog Eats a Ketchup Packet?

You need to know the steps you should take after realizing that your dog ate a ketchup packet. Don’t panic; follow the proper instructions for the positive health results of your dog. Continue reading.

Inform Your Vet About It

Before taking any drastic decision, call your vet to inform him or her about what your dog just did. He will tell you what to do depending on the hours passed immediately after your dog ate the ketchup packet. If you know the exact time he ate it, it is better because you can monitor how he reacts. Let’s say he ate the package within the past two hours; it will be appropriate if you take him to your vet to induce vomiting drugs on him.

Monitor His Reactions

After your vet prescribed some medicine to your dog, monitor him closely to see if he is vomiting the plastic packet of ketchup. You also do that by checking his feces every time because the moment he releases the packs out, the better. Soon enough, he will feel better and go back to his usual diet.

Try Out Boiled Rice and Bread

Boiled rice and a slice of bread will work out better when your dog is still in an uncomfortable condition. Don’t just give him any food; give your dog foods that won’t upset his stomach while he is under medication. Boiled rice will help in removing the packet out hopefully in two to three days. But, apply this method after consulting with your vet.

How to Help Your Dog Avoid Such Scenarios

It is okay if your dog eats ketchup, but with the whole packet, no. It can be so stressful, right? You can also decide to help your dog avoid eating anything with its pack, not only ketchup.

Keep Packet Related Stuff Away From Your Dog

Helping your dog means doing what it takes to avoid health problems. You can do that by keeping any food that is packed with anything plastic away from your dog. Since your dog can eat ketchup packets, you never know what your dog will eat next, and it might poison your dog’s stomach.

Serve Your Dog Using His Dish

Some people tend to serve their dogs with the wrapped packet. You might think you’re saving your time, but sooner or later, your dog will learn and can take any food in with the pack, and soon he will start eating the packet. Again, serving your dog with the package might be dangerous because he might be struggling to eat the small particles of food remaining, and to make him work more comfortably, he will decide to eat the entire packet as well. The solution to it is; serve your dog using his dish.

Initiate Appropriate Eating Habit

By doing this, your dog will know what to eat, at what time, and if it’s healthy. Don’t just allow your dog to eat anything that your dog finds around; train your dog with manners, just like you could teach your child. You are a parent to your dog the same way you are a parent to your child.


Your dog eating ketchup might not be a big deal, but eating it with the entire packet is alarming, especially if you can imagine your dog’s size compared to the size of the ketchup packet. If you want your dog to eat ketchup, keep its package away from your pet, and remove the ketchup from the pack to your dog’s dish.

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