My Dog Ate a Kitchen Sponge

Taking care of a dog means spending most of your time looking after them, especially on what goes inside their stomach. Dogs can become a pain in the neck when they reach a stage where they feel anything that they see can be edible.

What to Know if Your Dog Ingested a Kitchen Sponge?

When you realize that your dog ate a kitchen sponge, it is essential to know the following; Note that having this information will help you have the right things to tell your vet while contacting him; that is, an issue arises with your dog.

The Type of Sponge

Well, kitchen sponges come in different types. You need to know which type of kitchen sponge your dog has consumed; it is essential because it will help you know what action to take after that. Plus, some sponges are not toxic to dogs.

The Size of the Sponge

You need to know the size of the kitchen sponge your dog has consumed. It will help you determine the kind of danger you are dealing with and in what quantity. Again, it applies to your dog’s size; if your dog ate a giant sponge, yet your dog is still young, it will affect your dog. So, your dog’s size can make a big difference; if your dog is in danger, and you need to worry or not.

Can Kitchen Sponge Be Harmful to Your Dog?

The answer is yes. The kitchen sponge is harmful to your dog because your pet can consume it with some detergent, which might be harmful to your dog’s health. Some soap detergents can be toxic if eaten by dogs because they are meant to clean dishes. And they can cause intestinal blockage to your dog.

Symptoms to Look Out for After Your Dog Gobbled a Sponge

You might see some symptoms in your dog and realize that it is caused by the kitchen sponge he ate. You might encounter these signs days after the action or even after weeks. They are;

As Soon as Your Dog Is Constipating

Constipation can be a sign of any harmful substance eaten or swallowed by your dog. Your dog might start to constipate, which is just clear that there is an intestinal blockage in your dog’s stomach. It might be accompanied by liquid stool resulting from intestinal blockage since your dog cannot pass anything but liquid feces.


Seeing your dog vomiting is an excellent sign that the kitchen sponge affects him negatively‚ÄĒvomiting results when food has not been appropriately digested in the stomach. Vomiting might come as a struggle of coughing the kitchen sponge that your dog consumed. Vomiting can be dangerous because when your dog tries to cough the kitchen sponge out, it might choke him or suffocate him to death.

When Your Dog Experiences Abdominal Pain

The kitchen sponge will make your dog feel uncomfortable and starts feeling pain in his stomach because the sponge cannot be digested. This sign can be a major one and can need medical attention immediately. Don’t waste time.

How to Help Your Dog After Seeing the Signs in Him?

Upon seeing the signs and symptoms in your dog, there are some actions that you should take if you want to rescue the life of your dog.

Give Your Dog Plenty Food

Provide your dog immediately with bulky food like mashed potatoes, fiber bread, and cottage cheese to help him pass the sponge while emitting stool.  This method might serve as a first-aid method.

Contact Your Vet

Inform your vet of your dog’s condition and the signs you have seen In him after eating the kitchen sponge. Explain in every detail the sponge’s size and your dog and the symptoms your dog is showing.

Stay on Watch

Check on what your dog is eating. Honestly, eating a kitchen sponge is the last thing you should let your dog eat. Give your dog enough food that your dog won’t be thinking of eating a kitchen sponge. Again, this means that you monitor your pet closely while still under medication.


Sometimes, the kitchen sponge might not harm your dog, but you should still keep such things away from pets. Sometimes they become uncontrollable. If you love your dog, you will create time for your dog, but if you don’t love your dog, you will allow your dog to eat anything that comes in your dog’s way. Stay on the watch.

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