My Dog Ate a Ladybug

If you go for a walk in the park or walk on your farm, you can’t help but wonder. Not because of how crazy the world is today, but because of the beauty that permeates our crazy world. We are talking about the green carpet called grass covering the soil, the tall trees that protect your roof. Of course, we can’t forget the beautiful vegetation and the birds that feed on them. The ladybugs, too that grace the earth with their beauty.

It’s one thing to have a beautiful environment and another to have a dog in the same domain. Your dog is one lad that spoils it for you. They go from scratching the green grass to uncover some prey to eating the beautiful birds that grace your compound.

It is important to note that dogs are not that bad. They are the life of the party at your home. They will do things to make you laugh and get you in a good mood. So when something happens to them, you feel affected. Unfortunately, their eating habits will take you that same path before your dog finally learns.

In this article, we talk about a case when your dog eats a ladybug. It’s quite timely if that is the case with your dog. We tell you what it means to your dog. We also give you information on what you can do about it. Let’s get things started.

The Bad News: Beautiful but Deadly

You will agree that the ladybug is one beautiful little bug you used to like as a kid. You would let it crawl on your tiny fingers and hand until mommy asked you to let it go. It turns out that your favorite bug is one bad little lady. Oops! Your dog’s in trouble.

According to experts, dogs reported having eaten ladybugs have had it rough. Upon chewing the ladybug, the bug releases lymph fluids in the mouth of the dog. The effect that the poisonous liquid has on the dog is so devastating. Medics compare it to a burn caused by a chemical.

There’s more. The effect does not end in the mouth. It seems to manifest itself wherever the ladybug goes in the gastrointestinal tract. It’s more like the burning sensation that first-time drinkers have. Only worse.

The Good News

The good news that we have is not so good since it doesn’t let your dog off the hook. Even so, the good news is that the poisonous effect differs with the type of ladybug. According to experts, the ladybug’s color says a lot about the level of harm it can cause. Let’s explain this further.

The red ladybug with black spots can cause some allergic reactions in humans. The Orange ladybug is perhaps the most dangerous of the ladybug family. The red ladybug with dark spots is also poisonous but. The most innocent of the ladybug family with almost no effect is the brown one.

Which one of the three did your dog eat? That will determine the level of danger that your dog is in at the moment. But if you do not know the color, it’s okay. You will have to contact your vet immediately. It’s better to be safe than sorry tomorrow.

Signs Your Dog Ate the Wrong Kind of Ladybug

It is pretty usual for pets, including your dog, to eat bugs like grasshoppers, flies, and stink bugs. The list is endless. We have in the previous segment, given you three types of ladybugs. Now, if you do not know the kind your dog ate, here are signs that your dog ate a poisonous one.

They include ulceration of your dog’s mouth, loss of appetite, foaming in the mouth, and stomach upset. Other signs include vomiting and bloody diarrhea. It does not take a lot of time to notice the symptoms once the dog eats the ladybug. So You should act as fast as possible before your dog’s insides are damaged.

What You Need to Do

Prompt action will save your dog since severe damage can lead to death. Once you notice your dog ate a ladybug, remove the bug if you can see it on your dog’s mouth. If you cannot see the bug, take your dog to the animal hospital near you.

While at the vet, your dog is in safe hands. So, always make it your priority to contact your vet when such accidents happen. Your dog’s life could depend on it, especially with the invasion of the Asian lady beetle.

Let’s Wrap It Up

With the beautiful surroundings, we live in, and the pets we live with come with great responsibility. While dogs love picking on bugs, discourage your dog from doing that. That is because not all bugs are safe. Some are life-threatening when eaten. In case your dog eats a ladybug, visit your vet immediately.

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