My Dog Ate a Lizard

Some dog types have higher prey drives than others; they might tend to eat anything that comes their way, even a lizard. Lizards can be recognized during warm climates when they roam. Your dog might have thought that this reptile is edible, and he tries to eat it. Because of its quick critters, a lizard might be tempting to your dog to try and eat it.

Should You Be Worried if Your Dog Ate a Lizard?

Well, yes. It would help if you were slightly worried when your dog eats a lizard. Lizard is harmful to your dog because they contain enough venom that can kill your dog. Ingesting a lizard might be hard for your dog, and apart from that, some reptiles like a lizard have a secret poison in their skin to protect them from predators; in this case, from your dog.

Signs of an Infection from a Lizard

If your dog ate the lizard and shows some of the below signs, it is clear that the lizard is poisonous.

Excessive Thirst

Feeling thirsty is a normal thing to any living thing. But when your dog is feeling thirsty every time, it just means that the lizard he ate is poisonous. Whenever you notice this sign, contact your vet to help you with what effective measures you should take on your dog before it is too late.

Too Much Vomit

Your dog might start vomiting in an abnormal manner, which might show that he ate the lizard. A lizard that is not poisonous won’t cause your dog to vomit. It means that your dog ate a poisonous lizard, and you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Loss of Appetite

Another common sign that dogs portray when they consume any poisonous food is lack of appetite. Poison from the lizard might lead to it. Before it becomes too late, contact your vet to prescribe a medicine that can remove the poison because once your dog is not eating, it might tamper with his health in general.


When your dog is anxious and harmless every time, then the poison from the lizard he ate might be a result of it. It just shows how abnormal your dog is. You might take it as a light thing that may make you think that you shouldn’t worry, but it can become serious. Take your pet to your vet immediately for medical attention.

Irregular Movement

The poison might as well be seen in your dog when he has erratic movement. Limping might be seen, and it simply shows that your dog is uncomfortable, maybe in his stomach. Seeing that, take your dog to your vet for a checkup to know if he can remove the poison.

Unexpected Coma

Poison is not a joke. You might realize it later when your dog is breathing but unresponsive on his pulses. Coma is a sign of showing you that your dog needs a medical emergency immediately. Take your dog to your vet when you encounter such scenarios for immediate medication.

How to Help Your Dog to Avoid Chasing Lizards

Helping your dog avoid chasing a lizard means helping yourself because you won’t have to worry when your dog is sick by the poison from the lizard or the medical expenses you will spend while treating your dog. Some of the things you can do to help your dog are;

Teaching Your Dog

The fact that your dog hunts or chases reptiles means that he encounters them face to face most of the time. You need to train your dog not to chase and kill lizards because he will definitely eat them the moment he does that. You can think of a strategy of teaching your dog to avoid chasing reptiles. Like for instance, use the “leave it” term. The moment you speak that word while chasing the reptile, he will come to you and avoid the action.

Lock up Your Dog in His Room

Saving his life from danger means there are a lot of sacrifices that you must make. Locking up your dog doesn’t mean that you are punishing him, but you save him from dangers; poisonous lizards. Lock him up in his room for some months until he gets used to the idea of being within the compound, not chasing after reptiles. You can give him some nice treats, praise him, or even buy him some lovely gifts for him to feel special.


Dogs are beautiful animals that need to be taken well care of. Watch what your dog does or eats. Love him by showing him compassion anytime he needs something from you, or even spend most of your time with your dog to avoid getting destroyed; hence your dog might start chasing reptiles like a lizard.

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