My Dog Ate a Nerf Bullet

During your childhood years, you also had fun with nerf guns. The same toys are still popular and present in millions of homes to date. Kids love them and parents can’t resist buying them. Some of these nerf guns come with nerf bullets, while some with darts. 

But have you ever stopped to think about how unsafe nerf bullets can be if you have pets in your home? If you have a dog, the information in this post is worth reading. It has got all the facts you need to know about nerf bullets and dogs. It will answer many of your questions regarding this topic. 

Can Dogs Eat Nerf Bullet?

If you are a pet owner, you know how dogs behave when it comes to picking and swallowing things. This is even more common among young dogs. They like exploring the environment using their mouth. There are high chances that they may ingest non-food items, such as the nerf bullets. So, yes, dogs can swallow nerf bullets.

It might be rare for older dogs, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t ingest them.  Those with pica habits can eat anything they come across, especially if they are bored. It takes a bit of training to get rid of this behavior in older dogs.

Can a Nerf Bullet Be a Danger to Your Dog’s Health?

In case your dog happens to swallow a nerf bullet, it can cause health concerns, such as fatal blockage and choking. When your dog happens to experience this, it may necessitate surgery to remove the object. Note that this procedure can further expose your dog to danger. If the operation happens to go wrong, it can lead to an untimely death.

What Are the Signs That Your Dog Has Ingested a Nerf Bullet?

If your dog ingests a nerf bullet, you will see it show a sign of choking. It is an indication that the nerf is stuck somewhere in the throat. Your dog may also refuse to eat, a sign that there is a blockage in the intestine. You may also notice some vomiting.

Note that the dog can also present these symptoms when he swallows other objects. So, if you did not witness your dog ingesting the nerf bullet, it may be something else. It would help if you took the dog to your vet for proper diagnosis and treatment to save his life.

When Should You Contact Your Vet?

When your dog ingests a nerf bullet, you might worry or not, depending on your dog’s behavior. If he happens to pass normal stool and holds down food, it is an indication that all is well. In this case, there should be no reason to worry. 

However, if he is vomiting and is not eating, it is a sign that the object is causing a blockage in the intestine. At this point, it is crucial to see your vet. He will perform surgery to remove the nerf bullet from your dog’s intestine.

Prevention Measures

Most kids find nerf guns to be exciting toys. They can play with them throughout the day. However, note that those tiny nerf bullets that come with this toy can pose a significant danger to your pet. That curious dog or puppy of yours may not resist ingesting them. So, always ensure that you pick them up after play to avoid unnecessary accidents in your home.

You can also learn to crate your dog whenever your kids are playing with nerf guns. You can set him free when they are done playing, and you have collected all the nerf bullets from the floor. Another thing, even after collecting the nerf bullets, make sure you keep them away where your dog cannot reach them. If you have a snaffling dog, he can still get hold of them if they are within his reach.


Nerf guns and bullets may be your kid’s favorite toys but your dog’s enemy. So, as you try to make your kids happy by buying them these kinds of play materials, ensure that you also have your dog in mind. So, try your best to keep your dog safe. Taking precautions will save you from those unnecessary expensive vet’s visits.

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