My Dog Ate a Paper Towel

If your dog ate a paper towel, something he shouldn’t eat, you’d worry whether he’ll be okay or not. In such a time, you’ll be advised to stay calm. But in a real sense, it’s never easy doing so, especially if you’ve got a special attachment with your dog. Do you know how to handle your puppy after he’s eaten a paper towel? Should you manage the situation at home or see a vet with an immediate effect? Knowing all this information can be tricky if your dog has never eaten a prohibited object before. But relax and read along to understand what measures you can employ after your hound ate a paper towel. 

What Can Push Your Dog into Eating a Paper Towel

If your puppy loves eating anything that comes his way, then you shouldn’t be surprised when he eats a paper towel. Though the main reason that can push your canine into eating a paper towel is its smell. For instance, if you used a paper towel to wipe your mouth after eating a burger, it will be tempting your dog through the scent. Your puppy might also be eating the paper towel out of fun or frustration. And if your dog has a condition known as pica, which makes him eat non-food stuff, then expect him to eat paper towels. Usually, dogs who have this condition have a deficiency in their meals. 

Effects of Your Puppy Eating Paper Towel

If your dog ate a paper towel, expect him to have some complications since it’s a foreign object in his body. First, your canine might experience stomach upset as the paper towel tries to get out. Your puppy might also vomit or diarrhea, which can affect his health. In this case, you can give your dog pumpkin to control the condition. It will help stop the stomach ache and in getting rid of the paper towel. 

Eating paper towels can also make your dog have stomach blockage, which needs a vet’s intervention. When your dog experiences a blockage, he knows that he’ll be in severe pain and can make him stop eating. Loss of appetite can also result from your dog eating paper towels, and if it lasts longer, it can cause malnutrition.

Caring for Your Dog After Ingesting a Paper Towel

Caring for your dog after he’s eaten a paper towel should be your primary concern. Is it right to induce vomiting in this case? No, your vet will advise you to give him an injection if he ate the paper within three hours. The infusion is safer than inducing vomiting and is highly effective. Your vet can also perform surgery if the paper towel is causing a blockage that endangers the dog’s life. Remember, surgery should be after the vet has seen x-ray results and knows precisely where the problem lies. If your puppy ate a small piece of paper towel, he may pass it out in his poop or vomit it, so check well to be sure.

How Will Your Dog React After Consuming a Paper Towel?

Your dog may react differently with other dogs following the amount of paper towel he ate. You may see your puppy vomiting immediately after eating the paper towel. At times he may go on with his life as nothing happened. But if he ate a large piece of paper towel or that with contaminants like grease, he’ll be quite uncomfortable. Eating may also be a problem, and he can have a tender or swollen stomach. Your dog may also experience diarrhea or constipation; to be safe, contact the vet.

Prevent Measures

If you love your dog and don’t want him to suffer, ensure you keep the paper towel away from his reach. It would help if you also disposed of the used paper towels in a safe place. If possible, have a lockable dustbin. Locking your doors can also prevent your pup from accessing the towel in the rooms where you keep them.


If you’re not careful with how you dispose of or store paper towels, your puppy’s life will be at risk. Don’t forget that he can’t resist chewing them. To avoid harming his life and spending money on a vet, do all you can to prevent your dog from eating paper towels. However, don’t forget to call your vet when you realize his life is in danger after eating a bigger piece.

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