My Dog Ate a Pencil

Dogs can be engaging pets in the house. While you may get them their toys to play with, for some reason, they will develop an interest in your kids’ things. So, it is common to find a puppy grabbing and playing with any of your kids’ items. 

Your child may understand what a pencil is and how to use it. But your dog will take it to be one of the many toys in your household. Since puppies like chewing things, there are high chances that he will put it in the mouth and accidentally swallow it.

So, if your dog ingests a pencil, what are the health risks? Is by any chance a pencil toxic? Can your dog die because of eating a pencil? What action can you take in case your dog ingests a pencil? Get more information about this topic here.

Are Pencils Toxic?

Your dog has just swallowed a pencil. You must be wondering if it is toxic or not. Well, just you know, most pencils today do not contain toxins. People become skeptical when it comes to determining the substance in pencils.

Most manufacturing companies are using graphite for manufacturing pencils and not lead. However, do not rely on the information you read on the internet. To be safe, it is good to contact your vet in case your dog swallows a pencil. Only a diagnosis can confirm whether there is the presence of toxins or not.

What Happens When a Dog Swallows a Pencil?

While a pencil may not be toxic, it can still pose other health risks to your dog. If he swallows a sharpened pencil, it can be as dangerous, just like a toothpick. It can poke the intestine, causing internal bleeding and infection. The worst thing that is also likely to happen is death.

Also, the fact that a large part of the pencil is wood is another problem. Note that the acid in a dog’s stomach cannot break down wood the way it does with food. So, if the wood doesn’t come out through the stool, it may cause serious health risks such as a gastrointestinal blockage. The veterinarian may have to perform surgery to remove the pencil. This procedure may be dangerous to the dog and costly to you.

Signs That Your Dog Has Ingested a Pencil

If your dog ingests a pencil, he will exhibit some behaviors. Pencil swallowing among dogs can lead to several symptoms. One common sign is vomiting, and the other is diarrhea. However, note that these two symptoms can also be present if a dog swallows any other objects. So, if you are not sure that it is a pencil causing this, you should contact your nearest vet. He will help determine the exact cause of these symptoms.

Action You Should Take if Your Dog Ingests a Pencil

If you are lucky, your dog may pass out the pencil without struggle, in case it happens to be blunt and small. However, if this does not happen and does not show any symptoms, it is an indication that all is not well. It would be best if you let the vet examine your dog.

Generally, the best action to take if your dog ingests any foreign object is to call your nearest vet. It is not recommended to try any kind of home remedy. Most of the time, these remedies usually worsen the problem rather than solving them.

Important Point for Consideration 

While there is much information going around about pencils not being toxic, this does not mean that you should relax and do nothing. If your dog ingests a pencil, it is good to see your vet determine if there are signs of toxins or not. The doctor’s feedback on this should help you confirm the information. Sometimes the things you read and hear may not be accurate.


A pencil is among the items in your household that can be dangerous to your dog. If you have kids, it may not be easy to control what your dog ingests. Children can litter the house with many items, and your dog can take advantage of this to grab and chew them. To keep your pet safe from ingesting things, ensure you crate him when kids use items like pencils. You can release him after you have collected everything from your floor.

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