My Dog Ate a Q-Tip

If you own a dog, expect him to be eating something you’ve not approved. You’re not alone in this agony. Many dog owners have this problem and are always looking for a way to keep their dogs safe. One of the things your dog can eat unapproved is Q-tip. When this happens, do you know how to manage the situation well, or you’ll panic? Remember, it can be harmful or contaminated with poison, so you shouldn’t hesitate to provide him the right care. To understand what you can do to help your puppy after eating the Q-tip, read along with this informative article.

Why Did Your Puppy Eat Q-Tip?

It’s absurd for your dog to eat Q-tips, mainly if you feed him well. But then that’s something dogs love doing. It’s not a new occurrence, although you should find a way to stop it after noting it’s the root cause. The main reason why your pup can go for a Q-tip is to satisfy his hunting prowess. The urge will push him to go looking for anything to keep him busy and active. Another reason is to have fun and, at times, to kill boredom. Also, the smell from the Q-tip might attract your puppy, forcing him to eat it.

What Happens to Your Dog After Eating Q-Tips?

As you know, a Q-tip has two distinct parts: the applicator and buds. One consists of plastic or paper while the other consists of cotton. The part with cotton buds can pass through your dog’s digestive system with less struggle. However, the applicator may cause problems as its material composition is never easy to digest. It can obstruct his stomach or even make a dent in his intestines. With an obstacle in his stomach, your puppy’s life will be in danger. It can also lead to serious complications if you don’t call a vet. 

Suppose the Q-tip had a harmful substance your pup may have poisoning if it has something like medicines containing toxins. If your puppy eats Q-tip with toxins, he will need an emergency visit to the vet as it can kill him.    

What You Should Do After Your Puppy Eats Q-Tip

If you want to save the life of your furry friend after he’s eaten Q-tip, avoid panicking. Instead, look at the best way to make him safe. Don’t be fast enough to induce vomiting as it can bring more complications. But if your vet gives you the go-ahead to induce vomiting, follow his/her instructions well. Alternatively, you can give your puppy time as you monitor how he behaves for at least two days. Check if he’s developing any serious complications or the Q-tip will come out with his poop. If his symptoms get worse, call your vet and the soonest possible.

How Can You Tell if Your Puppy Condition Is Getting Worse?

There are signs you can look out for after your canine eats a Q-tip to determine if his health is deteriorating. Look if his stomach is swelling or if he’s experiencing pain in the abdomen. Has your puppy’s appetite reduced, or he’s vomiting? What of lethargy and diarrhea? Your dog might also constipate for some days, a condition that’s not good for his health. When your furry friend exhibits such symptoms, you can give him pumpkin, boiled meat, or white rice. Giving your dog these foods can help aid in bowel movements excreting the Q-tip in the process. 

However, if there’s no change after all the attempts, let your vet conduct an x-ray to determine the Q-tips position. The x-ray will also help see if the Q-tip has caused any damage to your puppy’s stomach. 

Preventive Measures

It’s better to prevent it than to treat your puppy after he’s eaten Q-tip as it will save you a lot. You can dispose of the used Q-tips safely so that your puppy doesn’t get them while on his adventures. You can also keep the Q-tips in a place your hound can’t reach. Don’t forget to tell your family members to take the same caution with the Q-tips. 


You don’t want to spend money on something you’ve control over. Keep or dispose of the used Q-tips well. But ensure you know how to care for your puppy after he’s eaten the Q-tip. If his life is in danger, call the vet.

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