My Dog Ate a Quesadilla

Since dogs love to eat almost anything, it’s no wonder that your furry friend will find your delicious quesadilla irresistible. The smell of cheese and spices are bound to keep your dog wagging for a bite. Even so, some dogs have a problem digesting lactose.  Eating cheesy food can cause your best friend to develop intestinal upset. If your pooch eats quesadilla for the first time, you need to observe for signs of runny soft stools. 

How Many Quesadillas Can Your Dog Eat?

It is essential to keep your dog healthy by providing good veterinarian care and a balanced dog diet. Sadly, most dog owners can confess to sharing snacks or any food with their dogs, even if in small amounts. Though this is a common practice, it should not be made regular.

One quesadilla contains more than 500 calories. Moreover, it also contains cheese that has high amounts of fat.  This is more than what you or your best friend need in one day. It is recommended that a healthy puppy’s diet should not contain more than 10% of food from unbalanced sources. Because of this, you need to give your dog quesadillas in moderation. Even so, some contain ingredients that are toxic to dogs and should be avoided.

However, rolled quesadillas have less cheese but are loaded with more chicken and veggies. This less cheesy version is better for your dog as it contains only 25% of the cheese.

Is Quesadilla Good for Your Dog?

Just because your rover eats your snacks and food doesn’t mean that it is alright to do so. Some human foods like quesadillas contain onions and other spices that are bad for your dog.  It is dangerous to feed your puppy on these kinds of food regularly. This is because it is unhealthy and can adversely affect the health of your dog. However, it is harmless to give your pooch a slice of a quesadilla once in a while.

How Can You Make Your Dog Stop Eating Quesadilla?

It takes plenty of time, effort, and patience to train a dog on what to eat or not.  This can prove to be more difficult if your puppy has become accustomed to unhealthy food handouts. To help your dog stop eating quesadilla, you have to refrain from giving your pooch bits of everything you eat.

Besides gaining excess weight, your puppy’s eating habits can change by feeding on a quesadilla and other human food.  If you regularly share your unhealthy takeaway foodstuff with your dog during dinner time, it causes potential harm to your dog. Eventually, your dog begins to expect it every time.

This expectation may lead to your dog begging for your food every dinner time or even snatching a portion from your plate.

Obviously, this is bad behavior, and it may take a while longer to train your pooch to be obedient once more. It helps to have scheduled meal time for your dog and ensure that your furry friend is well fed. It is wise to give a quesadilla as a reward for good behavior when your puppy displays obedience. 

What if My Dog Ate One Quesadilla?

Even for humans, eating one quesadilla can prove to be unhealthy. Loaded with cheese, high-fat content, and over 500 calories, one quesadilla is a health hazard to your puppy.

Most dogs find it difficult to digest cheesy because it contains lactose. Dogs that are lactose intolerant might develop a gastrointestinal disorder after ingesting a cheese-based quesadilla. 

Your dog is likely to gain extra weight and become abbess if fed on too much cheese heavy foodstuff. Besides, your puppy can also experience loose bowel movements and vomiting because of ingesting too much cheese. 

When to See a Vet

Though cheese is a good treat for dogs, too much of it can be unhealthy and dangerous. Certain types of cheese contain high salt content, which can cause poisoning for your pooch. Frequently feeding your dog on quesadilla can lead to issues such as extreme thirst, lack of energy, and kidney problems. You need to consult your veterinarian if your dog experiences any of these symptoms.


The majority of dog owners will confess to sharing unhealthy treats with their furry friends. Though your puppy can eat a quesadilla, it may have some side effects such as intestinal upset and vomiting.

Most importantly, it is wise to limit your dog’s intake of foods and snacks that contain cheese and high amounts of fat.  This is because the effects can be severe and cause your dog to have fever, weakness, and diarrhea.  You need to contact a vet if your pooch eats a quesadilla and shows any of these symptoms.

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