My Dog Ate a Rubber Band

Mouthing objects among dogs is common, especially if you are dealing with a puppy. For some reason, dogs find chewing objects fun. Now, what is worrying is the way they chew anything they come across, whether toxic or not. 

However, while some objects like rubber bands may not be toxic to your dog, they still pose a danger. So, what are some of the health risks this object can cause? Read on to learn about this and much more.

Can Dogs Swallow Rubber Bands?

Dogs happen to eat lots of indigestible objects. This behavior is most common in puppies because they are naturally curious. They also find pleasure chewing things they come across. For older dogs, they can also chew and swallow indigestible things if they are bored. So, if you’ve been asking yourself if dogs can eat rubber bands, the answer is yes. They can ingest this and many other unimaginable items.

Health Complication Associated with Swallowing a Rubber Band?

Most rubber bands are not toxic, so you should not worry about the possibility of poisoning. There are only two common complications that your dog can experience for ingesting a rubber band. The first one is choking and can be a life-threatening situation that may necessitate immediate medical attention. If you delay seeking help, your dog may choke to death. Note that choking interferes with breathing. And if your dog cannot breathe well, he will run short of oxygen and die.

Another health risk that rubber band swallowing can cause is a gastrointestinal blockage. It is also a dangerous health complication. Your vet will have to perform surgery or endoscopy in order to remove the rubber.

Signs and Symptoms of Rubber Band Ingestion in Dogs

Signs vary depending on the effect that the rubber has caused. Due to the gastrointestinal blockage, you will notice things like vomiting, lack of appetite, bloating, and excess drooling.  Another thing you will see is abnormal bowel, such as the stool changing color. These signs appear within 24 hours to 48 hours after ingesting the rubber band.

If the rubber band causes choking, the dog will make choking sounds, excessing drooling, panicking, retching, and gagging. Also, when your dog is choking, he will definitely have trouble breathing. Another thing, you will notice coughing and blue mucous membranes. It is also a sign that your dog is choking.

When to See a Vet if Your Dog Swallows a Rubber Band

A rubber band is one non-food item that may get you worried if your dog swallows. However, rubber bands usually come out with the stool within one or two days. But also, the size of the rubber band your dog has swallowed matters a lot. So, you should first establish the size of the rubber band. If the rubber band piece is small, this should not worry you because he can easily pass it out through the stool. 

However, note that even a small rubber band can sometimes be difficult to pass out. For instance, if it happens to tangle up with other items in the gut like bones and sticks, it may be difficult for the ingested rubber band to come out. So, taking immediate action is very crucial if you want to save your dog’s life.

A bigger rubber band is likely to cause digestion problems. It can make your dog experience a complication known as a gastrointestinal blockage. The signs you will notice may include straining, vomiting, stomach pain, and a tender belly. If you see such behaviors, it will be necessary to seek medical help from your vet.

Prevention Measures

If your pet has a pica habit, you already know how hard it can be to control what he eats. So, it is good to store away some everyday dangerous items that your pet is likely to ingest. Ensure that they are out of your dog’s reach. You can also get rid of rawhide bones or chew toys that have become small and can fit inside your dog’s mouth. It is possible for dogs to swallow such things. So, ensure that you dispose of and get him new ones.


Since it may be impossible to stop your older dog or puppy from mouthing objects, the best remedy is to be extra cautious. Leaving objects carelessly on the floor can cost you a fortune because surgeries are not cheap. The worst part is if you lose your lovely pet because of something you would have prevented. Such pain doesn’t go away that easily.

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