My Dog Ate a Sock

Your dog can, at times, disappoint you by eating what you’ve taught him not to eat. Being that they’re notorious creatures, you can’t tell what they’re about to destroy or eat without your permission. So, if your puppy ate a sock, don’t panic since that’s a common occurrence with dogs and not harmful. However, you should be able to manage the situation with ease to save his life. Do you know how you can handle your puppy after he’s eaten sock and come out a victor? If you do not know what to do when your dog eats a sock, and your vet is far away or has closed, you’re in the right place. Read along to understand the best way you can manage a situation where your dog has eaten a sock.

What Can Prompt Your Dog into Eating a Sock?

Your puppy eating a sock sounds funny and weird at the same time. You’ll be left wondering why or what led to this habit. Could it be that he’s confusing it with some food? Or is your puppy developing some strange behaviors? The main reason why your dog could eat a sock is to get your attention. Such happens if he feels you hardly give him enough time and attention. 

Your dog might also eat a sock in a bid to guard their belongings. He will ensure no one touches anything that belongs to you or destroys them. In the spirit of protecting your belongings and because the sock might have your smell, he will always spend time next to it. And since dogs love destroying or playing with things, yours might get tempted to swallow a sock. 

What Will Happen to Your Dog After Ingesting a Sock?

After your dog eats a sock, expect some complications to arise. If your puppy is big and he ate a small size sock, chances are he will vomit it. Your pup might also poop out the sock after some days, so be checking his stool sometimes though the sock might get stuck in his stomach. When this happens, he can develop serious problems like obstructions. In the long run, your puppy will be vomiting or have a running stomach. The condition can become severe, making your puppy uncomfortable, a situation that will require you to see a vet. The vet will have to conduct an x-ray to know the sock’s position in your pup’s belly.

Getting Rid of the Sock, Your Dog Ate

There are several ways you can use to get rid of the sock in your puppy’s stomach. The first method is to use an endoscope, which you should do immediately after your puppy swallows the sock. Go to a trained specialist, though, since socks can easily get out through the use of an endoscope. You can also opt for laxatives, which will aid in getting out the sock naturally. It will help speed up the elimination process, although it may affect your canine’s temper. Be careful while using this method as it can worsen the situation.

The last resort your vet can go for is surgery, which is always hard and painful to both you and the dog. After the procedure, ensure you take good care of your puppy.

Are You Sure Your Dog Ate a Sock or Something Else?

You might mistake your dog for eating a sock after seeing him playing with it before its disappearance. Sometimes it’s the signs your puppy is showing that make you conclude that he ate the sock. He has obstructions but be sure by visiting your vet, especially if he’s vomiting a lot. The best way to ascertain the object, which is causing agony to your pup is through x-ray. So, rush to the vet immediately and you note the problem can be obstruction.

How to Prevent Such Occurrence?

You should be careful with how you keep stuff like a sock in your house if you’ve got a puppy. Remember, dogs love sampling things and even eating what they shouldn’t. You can keep your bedroom doors closed and check on your socks on a laundry day as he can escape with one.


Your dog eating a sock is something you can avoid by keeping them in the right place. Remember, prevention is a cure, so try all means to keep your puppy safe. But if he eats it accidentally, relax and use the best ways to help your puppy. Suppose it’s out of your control; see a vet. 

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