My Dog Ate a Stick of Butter

Having a dog might become a whole difficult work to do since you have to look after what they eat to be specific. You can put your butter on the shelf, and within no minute, you find out that it’s gone. Butter is rich in fat and lactose, which can cause diarrhea in your dog if he eats it.

Is Butter Dangerous for Your Dog?

Too much butter is not healthy for your dog because of the substances it contains. But when he consumes a little of it, it won’t cause any significant damage to your dog’s stomach. But butter is somehow salty, which makes it delicious to animals; dogs are included.

How Much Is Butter Dangerous to Your Dog?

Honestly, if your dog ate just a stick of butter, it won’t cause any harm to him. But if he eats a bunch of sticks of butter, then it’s too much for him. The fats found in butter are dangerous for your dog if he eats too much of it.

Signs You Might See in Your Dog After He Ingests a Stick of Butter

Below are some of the signs you need to watch out for when your dog eats a stick of butter.

Loose Stool

Your dog feels sick, and loose stool might be a sign of him eating a stick of butter. Foods that contain lactose are harmful to your dog. When you start noticing a loose stool on your dog, take the necessary action of contacting your vet for further assistance.


Vomiting is a common sign of sicknesses not only for dogs but for human beings as well. Your dog might start throwing up after eating a stick of butter. You need to take precautions and make sure that there are no additional butter sticks that he might consume around. Once you cleared any traces of butter around, communicate to your vet for further instructions.

Steps to Follow When Your Dog Eats a Stick of Butter

You can be tensed the moment you find out that your dog ate a whole stick of butter. There are a few kinds of stuff you need to do to help your dog health-wise. They are as follows;

Keep the Butter Away from Your Dog

You might find your dog eating a stick of butter on the spot; well, you need to keep the butter away from him to avoid any more sticks of butter from being eaten. The action will help your dog to consume fewer sticks of butter. Hence, it won’t risk his health.

Know-How Much Butter Your Dog Has Consumed

You need to be keen as much as you can and find out how much butter is inside your pet’s stomach. It would be good if you were accurate enough to know because you will know what to tell your vet if the situation worsens.

Know the Time Your Dog Consumed A Stick of Butter

If you find out that your dog ate the stick of butter, you need to know at what time he consumed it. This information will help your vet handle your dog’s situation if his condition worsens and knows what type of medicine to prescribe to your pet.

Contact Your Vet

Call your vet and inform him of your dog; make sure you tell him information like; the time at which your dog ate the stick of butter and how much butter you think your dog has consumed.

Follow Your Vet’s Instructions

After contacting your vet, he will advise you on what to do following the condition in which your dog is in. Follow his instructions and give your dog the medicine your vet might have prescribed for your dog’s better health results.

Monitor Your Dog Closely

After following your vet’s instructions, keep a close eye on your dog as you watch the kind of foods he eats because he might be vomiting most times, and there are certain foods your pet should be eating while he is sick. Again, keep foods rich in fat away from him to avoid such scenarios.


Be cautious always with any food that your dog eats. If your dog ate a stick of butter and is feeling worse, make sure you keep the butter away from him to prevent any extra scenarios. Take care of your dog the same way you would take care of your baby. It is that simple.

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