My Dog Ate a Stick

If your furry friend is below six months in age, expect him to eat any non-food stuff you disapprove of. However, it’s common seeing your puppy playing around with a stick on his mouth or, at times, eating it. You may not understand why he’s eating a stick. But then there’s some thrill your puppy gets while doing so. Even so, sticks are dangerous to his health as some contain poison. For example, an oak, apple, or buckeye stick is toxic. Not only are the sticks poisonous, but they can also harm your puppy. Read along this informative article to learn more about the dangers of allowing your dog to eat a stick. You will even understand the best measures you can take to save your hounds’ life after hurting himself with a stick.

What Drives Your Puppy into Eating Sticks?

There are several reasons why your puppy might be eating a stick. If your dog is anemic, he will likely eat a stick after developing a condition known as pica. With this condition, his drive to eat non-food stuff will be high stick being one of them. Another reason that can force your dog to eat a stick is when he has a mineral deficiency. The mineral deficiency comes from the type of food he eats, which has artificial fillers that lack nutrients. Low nutrients or minerals in his filler diet is what makes your dog eat sticks. Dental problems, digestive complications like worms or gastritis can also cause this.  Another thing that can push your puppy into eating sticks is hunger, anxiety, and seeking attention.

Should Your Puppy Eat a Stick?

Eating a stick can cause your dog injury, right? Some also contain toxins, but the stick can also help your puppy relieve stress. So, what’s the correct answer to this question? It’s tricky tackling this question going by the risk factor eating stick has on your puppy. However, allowing your pup to chew the stick without swallowing isn’t bad as it will help him kill boredom and reduce stress. If you’re sure your dog can’t chew the stick without swallowing, don’t allow him to eat it since he will experience complications.

Effects of Your Puppy Eating a Stick

The side effects your puppy will experience after eating a stick: the common one is choking. Mouth injury and perforations on his esophagus too. Adverse effects include intestinal blockage, which comes as a result of the immense size of the stick. Poisoning by the stick is also another effect if the stick is from some trees like oak. To know when your puppy has eaten a stick with poison, check if he’s convulsing, drooling, or have pale gum. Internal bleeding can also be an effect of your pup eating a stick that injures his digestive system.

Caring for Your Puppy After Eating a Stick

Your furry friend eating a stick means he’ll have injuries that will make him be in pain. Some of the damages might be severe, requiring a vet’s intervention. But as you care for your puppy after eating a stick, ensure you also understand his reason for doing so. It will help in determining the type of treatment he should receive. Some effects of eating a stick like obstruction may require the vet to do an x-ray on your puppy to see if there’s internal damage.  If your hound got a mouth or dental injury, you could manage it at home, but if it develops into a wound, see a vet. 

Preventing Your Puppy from Eating a Stick

It can be tricky stopping your dog from eating a stick if that’s his habit. But since eating sticks will harm him, look for ways of preventing your hound. If it’s anemia that makes your canine eat sticks, let his diet include foods rich in iron. Don’t forget to check your hound’s food ingredients to see if it has enough nutrients to avoid causing a mineral deficiency. You can also introduce mineral supplements in his diet after consulting your vet. Let your puppy exercise well, give him enough water, and take good care of his dental health. 


Dogs love eating weird things that can even harm them. If you realize that your puppy ate a stick and is in pain or danger, call the vet. But first, understand why he’s eating it so that you can give him the right treatment.

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