My Dog Ate a Tampon

Dogs are such natural sniffers, using their mouth and nose, especially to ravage through human bio-products and gobble them up. As a typical scavenger, your dog’s forbidden candy are those unsightly decaying biologic substances, including the tampon. There isn’t much info as to why dogs have a particular liking for the hygiene product. But the probable reason would be that the smell of blood would jolt your pup into eating it. Again, the fluffy cotton could also feel so good in their mouth such they can’t resist the overwhelming temptation to swallow. The tampon also carries your odor, which your dog particularly loves, and wouldn’t hesitate to chew it up. The biggest issue, though, is tampon gorging can be dangerous to your dog, and it would be sensible to keep it out of reach of your dog at all times.

Why Tampon Consumption Poses Danger for Your Canine

Tampons are mostly for liquid absorption purposes. Once your dog gobbles it up, it begins to do what it knows best, soaking up the gastric juices in your dog’s tummy. The product will then start to swell up, both in density and size. The immediate issue is dehydration in your dog. With an oversized tampon, intestinal blockage occurs so that no food and liquids can pass through the stomach. No wonder it becomes a life-threatening situation, requiring a vet’s assistance quickly. Assuming the tampon was fresh and unused, the harm can be much higher than a used one. In most cases, the blood in an already used tampon makes the cotton to blow up, but a new one will keep soaking up your pup’s stomach acids.

Meanwhile, some may chew or swallow the tampon without significant issues. But others, primarily the smaller breed, can easily choke. You can’t also rule out lacerations from the tampon strings, which can tangle and tear at the intestinal walls.

Why Freaking Out Might Not Help

As scary as the whole tampon ingestion ordeal appears, the only way to help your dog is to remain calm. You must gather the strength to explain to the vet what exactly happened. It would help if you did not worry about what the doctor would think due to the shame surrounding a tampon. A vet already knows how dogs eat the strangest of things all the time. Even if you stored the tampon carefully, they would still sneak and ravage through the trash can. The vet will instruct you on what to do based on your dog’s age, size, and the type of tampon they ate. They may also ask you to either induce vomit or watch bowel movements for a while. Lastly, the doctor could suggest bringing the animal to the clinic for x-rays or any other imaging procedures. But that is if your dog will not have regurgitated or pooped within the specified times. 

It Is Important to Know the Symptoms and Act as Advised

Animals, especially dogs, can be sneaky when sick. It could be challenging to know the exact symptoms after tampon ingestion. Still, you must patiently hang in there and note any illness signs. For example, check if they are vomiting or constipated to know if they could be having an intestinal blockage. In that case, your dog may also have an unusual loss of appetite and feel lethargic. Do they present any abdominal pain? It could be the tampon wreaking havoc. At this juncture, you should not hesitate to call your vet to save your dog’s life.

Take All the Preventive Steps to Protect Your Dog 

Even if your dog would have accessed the most sealed up trash can, ensure it doesn’t happen again. Mostly lock everything up, and keep checking for any loophole for them to pull out a tampon. An alternative would be to use the most effective child proof safety locks to protect your stuff and your dog, too. Then, your dog might have eaten the tampon because they are merely bored. Please provide them with some good chewable dog toys to keep them busy and entertained.

Finally, each dog is unique. Not all will need vet intervention after tampon ingestion. While some will poop or vomit it out so quickly, yours might be an exception. Pray that they do not suffer horrendous symptoms that can have them hospitalized.

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