My Dog Ate a Toothpick

Do you know that carelessly throwing used toothpicks in your house if you have a pet is not a good idea? Maybe you haven’t thought about this because you assume that since it is non-toxic, it won’t cause any harm to your pet. But this is a wrong assumption. Even those in the container aren’t safe. Dogs, by nature, are curious and may want to know what is in that container. And because they like chewing things, they will definitely grab them into their mouth. 

Get more information about toothpicks and dogs in this post. Learn about the dangers of a dog swallowing toothpick, the does and don’ts, and preventive measures.

What Happens if Your Dog Ingests a Toothpick?

This tiny sharp object is not a joke. As small as it is, it can be a deadly weapon that can take your dog’s life. It can easily get stuck in the throat, making your dog choke to death. Note that if your dog swallows a toothpick, it might successfully pass through the throat down into the stomach. In this case, your dog will not choke. 

However, this does not mean that your dog is safe. The acid in the dog’s stomach cannot break down plastics or wood the way it does to food. So, it means that when the toothpick ends up in the intestine, it can pierce through the artery or bowel. This may cause internal bleeding, sepsis, and infection. If things get worse, it can lead to death.

The Information to Give Your Vet if Your Dog Swallows a Toothpick

A toothpick is one of the dangerous objects that a dog can ever swallow. Although they are not toxic, they pose high health risks. So, if your dog swallows this, your vet will require detailed information. Getting adequate and right information might give him an easy time to save your dog’s life.

Your vet may want to know the number of toothpicks your dog has swallowed. Whether it was wooden or plastic, note that there are varieties of toothpicks made using different materials. So, letting him know the material will help during the diagnosis and treatment. Another thing you will need to tell him is your dog breed, size, and age.

The Do’s and Don’ts When Your Dog Swallows a Toothpick

When your dog swallows an object, you will definitely panic. You will start thinking of options that can help save the situation. While you may think of inducing vomiting to remove the object, it is a bad idea. It may work for other objects, but vet specialists don’t recommend this. In fact, you should avoid this in the case of a toothpick.

Vet experts advise that it is a bad idea to induce vomiting if your dog has swallowed a toothpick. They say that the toothpick can damage the dog’s esophagus on its way back, causing more harm. The only thing you should do is stay calm and seek a vet as soon as possible.

Preventive Measures

If you are a responsible pet owner, you shouldn’t be leaving objects that can pose a danger to your dog within his reach. If you care about your dog’s well-being, you need to be extra careful with items in your household. Things such as toothpicks and any other item that is likely to cause harm to your dog should be kept as far as possible. 

Note that not only toxic items can harm your dog. Even those tiny non-toxic things you think are harmful can cause serious problems. So, the bottom line is that you should take preventive measures if you want your dog to be safe.

Additional Information on Toothpicks and Dogs

It is rare for a toothpick to pass out in a stool. But if it is small and blunt, it may successfully pass through the throat, stomach, intestine, and then out without any problem. However, this happens only in unique cases. Otherwise, calling a vet should be the first thing to do if your dog ingests a toothpick.

When it comes to wooden toothpicks, even if chewed a bit before ingesting, it can still cause health problems. Any type of toothpick poses a significant danger to your dog, and a vet should be involved immediately in this kind of accident.


Some of the things you consider harmless in your house because they are not toxic can still be dangerous to your dog. So, it is time to think of the items in your house that can harm your pet and keep them far away. Small things like toothpicks can be the cause of your dog’s untimely death.

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