My Dog Ate a Used Diaper

It sounds gross, even dangerous, but some dogs will get into the trash, ravage, and eat used diapers and poop to an extent. It is also why you might have to call the vet, as the material may harm your dog if they do not vomit or poop it out. Naturally, a diaper, whether used or new, has that liquid soaking ability. The more it absorbs, the more it also expands. You can imagine the damage it could be causing your hound’s insides. For one, the material can cause severe dehydration, and in more complicated cases, it can lead to intestinal blockage. Besides the choking danger it poses, a used diaper could also be carrying rotting fecal matter that can cause serious health issues for your dog. For instance, your hound can begin to vomit seriously, and diarrhea thus requiring acute medical observation.

According to experts, diaper and stool eating is relatively common, with more than 16 % of dogs categorized as serious poop eaters. On the other hand, 24 % applies to those that eat just once in a while. Sometimes it could be that your pup has what is known as coprophagia, a scientific name for poop eating canines. But then again, it could be a behavioral and sometimes physiological issue making them munch on a used diaper.

Used Diaper Eating Could Be Indication of Underlying Causes

It is not every day that your dog could be drooling for that dirty used diaper. A vet can examine him and rule out a few health issues such as parasites. Could it be that your pup is deficient in crucial nutrients and minerals? Perhaps they have malabsorption syndrome or severe conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disease, and others that only a doctor can determine and recommend the best treatment. Experts also say some dogs on drugs such as steroids can have a penchant for the strangest nonfood substances, including used diapers. 

Check for Environmental or Stress Triggers 

Your dog might develop weird eating habits due to various behavioral triggers or even environmental stress. For example, if they are left alone in secluded places without your company or that of other dogs. Then could you be applying harsher house training methods for your pup? Experts say this can be a significant cause of anxiety, making them confused and creating a vicious circle for ingesting strange items such as diapers and baby poop. But maybe your canine is just an attention seeker, and they know you will notice them once they start to behave unpleasantly. Finally, it could be that lovely diaper scent that attracts your dog into eating it. Working closely with your vet can unravel the real reason and help stop the uncivilized habit.  

What Else You Can Do About Your Dog’s Diaper Eating Obsession

Most animal experts have a few useful recommendations. For example, the leave-it training command method works well to change behavior. So long as you consistently use the command, instructing your dog to leave that harmful habit, and in turn, adopt a better one in the process.

Meanwhile, you can feed your dog on a healthy diet to address any nutritional deficiencies that could be prompting them to eat weird stuff. Research warns that if you keep feeding your dog on, say, heavy carbs and sugar, they quickly get an energy spike. But within no time, they will be hungering for more food, which can push them into devouring that poopy diaper. 

Why Environmental Management Methods Work So Much Better

Of course, training is a good deterrent technique. But you can incorporate other preventive methods to stop your pup from eating used diapers. For example, keep every part of your living area exceptionally clean and orderly. It may take effort for them to locate a dirty diaper. There is no way your dog will open a sealed up trash can that is entirely out of reach. Did your dog pick the used diaper while outdoors? Provide that supervised walk to avoid them picking and gorging on just about anything. 

Generally, if you are concerned about your pup’s behavior, then never hesitate to speak it out. You can voice your worries to a vet or other dog owners who might have passed through the same predicament. A few tips here and there can eliminate the habit once and for all.

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