My Dog Ate a Yellow Jacket

Yellow jackets are some of the insects which produce venom whenever they feel their life is in danger. So, if your dog ate a yellow jacket, you should be worried since it can harm him. Yellow jackets are always many during summer, and dogs take advantage of this season as they enjoy chasing such insects. As you know, your puppy loves spending his time outdoors, which at times leads him to trouble. The habit can make him into trouble, like eating a yellow jacket, which is venomous. To understand what you can do to tour a furry friend after eating a yellow jacket, read this informative article. 

What Happens to Your Dog After Ingesting a Yellow Jacket?

Given that controlling what your dog eats is never easy, you should look for ways of helping him. After your puppy eats, these insects expect him to have stings on his mouth. When your dog eats a yellow jacket, expect him to have stingers either internally or on the tongue. The sting will make your pup be in pain and discomfort. If not well taken care of, the area can develop into wounds or cause an infection. The venom in the yellow jacket can also cause your pup several complications like swelling on the stung area since the insect stings many times.

Signs That Your Dog Ate a Yellow Jacket

If your dog ate a yellow jacket, you might fail to see the symptoms if the injury is internal. Even so, you can check for the following symptoms to ascertain if he’s eaten a yellow jacket. First, you’ll see redness in his mouth or tongue. Your puppy will also have pain and inflammation in the affected area. 

If he did swallow the yellow jacket without getting stings, he’d experience allergic reactions. In the end, your pup might have an anaphylactic reaction. With this condition, your hound may experience hypertension, collapse, or have problems breathing. Your dog may also vomit, cough, or diarrhea. In this case, you should be quick to call a vet to attend to your puppy as his life will be in danger.

How to Help Your Puppy After Eating a Yellow Jacket?

Since the swelling on your puppy’s throat can cause him breathing problems and even choking, call your vet to give medications. The medicines will help reduce the inflammation and the effects of allergic reactions. Your vet can advise you to give him antihistamines immediately after eating the Q-tip. But if it’s a case, you can handle at home scraping the sting using a credit card. Please don’t pull the sting out as it can add more venom to the affected area. You can also apply baking soda or massage with a cold compressor to minimize the pain. Alternatively, you can use apple cider and relieve your puppy from the anguish.

Why Did Your Dog Eat a Yellow Jacket?

Even if you give your hound the best snacks, expect him to be eating some unauthorized things. Your canine will go after a yellow jacket as he tries to keep himself busy. Being that dogs also love being outdoors, he may also accidentally eat yellow jackets in the process. Love for fun can also make your furry friend eat a yellow jacket as he runs around the fields.

How Can You Stop Your Dog from Eating Yellow Jackets?

Since you can’t monitor your dog’s movement all day, it’s tricky checking on what he eats. But because you’d not love something to harm him, so look for the best way to help him out. You can restrict your puppy’s movement to areas with yellow jackets so he doesn’t eat them. Another way to prevent your furry friend from eating these insects is to clear gardens with flowers that attract yellow jackets. Avoiding fields with wildflowers and weeds can also make your dog safe from the yellow jacket who love such places. Don’t forget to do obedience training so that when you tell your puppy not to eat these insects, he will obey.


Your dog may accidentally eat a yellow jacket and end up in pain and risking his dear life. To make him safe from eating these insects, keep your environment free from wildflowers and weeds. Remember to care for him when in pain after eating the venomous insect.

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