My Dog Ate a Zip Tie

If your dog has never eaten a non-food item, you may be curious to know why some puppies eat plastic zip ties. Eating things that are not food among some dogs is mainly caused by behavioral and medical conditions. 

It is potentially dangerous for your four-legged friend to eat zip ties. This is because the sharp edges could puncture your dog’s gut. More so, some plastics are coated with harmful chemicals that are toxic to your puppy. Ingesting this item may cause your dog to experience repetitive retching and abdominal pain.

What to Expect if Your Puppy Eats a Plastic Zip Tie

If your dog swallows a small portion of a zip tie, it may likely pass through the gut without any problem. However, long and larger pieces of plastics can cause blockage and damage to the gut. 

More so, the sharp edges of a zip tie can injure your puppy’s throat. Besides, some plastics are coated with toxic chemicals that are harmful to dogs.

Some of the signs and symptoms that show your puppy has eaten a plastic zip tie include occasional vomiting. Besides, your healthy dog can also experience stomach sensitivity, retching, and drooling. Furthermore, if your puppy’s insides are damaged, you may see blood in the stools.

What if Your Dog Acts Normal After Eating a Zip Tie?

It may be that your dog continues to act normally even after swallowing a plastic zip tie.  In this situation, all you can do is to monitor your dog’s vomit and bowel movements. This means that you must inspect the vomit and poop every time your dog goes.

You also need to consult your veterinarian if, after 24 hours, the plastic does not pass through your dog’s system. 

What Home Remedy Can You Apply if Your Dog Eats a Zip Tie?

Home remedies are best used when the zip tie ingested is smaller in size.  As it is with other professional solutions, home methods also depend on the size of your dog. Inducing vomiting should only be done if the item poses no greater danger to the esophagus. However, you must be cautious about making your dog throw up potentially dangerous non-food items.

Besides vomiting, you can feed your dog small amounts of food, but within short intervals. This method enables the plastic item to pass through the gut. Sometimes your furry friend will vomit faster if fed on a piece of bread.

It takes between 8 to 12 hours or even days for an item to be ejected through your furry friend’s pooh. This means that you need to monitor your dog’s potty during this time.

How Can You Make Your Puppy to Vomit a Zip Tie?

Although vomiting foreign objects occurs quickly, it can sometimes take longer than two hours. The most commonly used means to induce vomiting in dogs is the use of peroxide 3%. You may use this method if your dog has not already vomited the plastic zip tie within 2 hours of ingesting it.

Even so, you need to remember that objects with sharp ends can be dangerous if made to come back up. If you are not sure how to go about this, it is always safe to consult your vet.

When Should You See a Vet?

Swallowing a plastic zip tie can make your dog experience shortness of breath or choking. This can happen when the material gets stuck in the throat or gut. Your dog can find it difficult to swallow or may experience intestinal irritation. If you notice any of these signs and symptoms, you need to consult your vet immediately. There is a need to worry if your dog shows a lack of appetite and frequently vomits.

Although smaller portions of plastic get ejected through vomit or stool, large ones may require to be surgically removed by your vet.


It is common to find dogs eating non-food items. Sometimes it happens accidentally or due to behavioral instinct. Even so, it is wise to contact your vet when your dog swallows something that isn’t food. This is because some items are toxic and can be fatal if your pooch is not treated immediately. Besides, your dog can choke or experience shortness of breath if an item like a zip tie gets stuck in your dog’s throat.

Most importantly, you must have your dog evaluated by a professional to determine the cause of this behavior.  

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