My Dog Ate an Apple Core! Should I Worry?

Apples have stood the test of time of being among the most popular and healthy fruits. Additionally, apples’ other advantage is that they are safe for consumption by both humans and animals. Therefore, if your dog is eating apples, you can expect him to have benefits similar to those you have when you eat apples. However, as much as apples are healthy and help keep the doctor away, not all apple parts are safe for consumption. The apple core is one part of the apple that you should avoid. It may worry you to realize that your dog ate an apple core without your knowledge. Read below to know the effects of the apple core on your dog and what you should do about it.

Is the Apple Core Poisonous to Dogs?

In a gist, the apple core is not safe for consumption by dogs. This is because the seeds contain the compound Amygdalin, which converts to hydrogen cyanide when digested. This chemical causes insufficient delivery of oxygen delivery in the body. Hydrogen cyanide is harmful to your dog when taken in large amounts. For this reason, if your dog has eaten only one apple core, there is no reason to be scared. The risk comes in when your dog eats apple cores every day or when eaten in large amounts.

Symptoms of Apple Core Poisoning

As mentioned above, your dog gets affected when he eats apple core in large amounts. Some signs manifest when your dog eats apple core to indicate that all is not well. For instance, the dog can start panting abnormally and have trouble breathing. Additionally, you will observe dilated pupils and brick-red mucous membranes. Other signs of apple core poisoning include vomiting and diarrhea. In case you observe such signs with your dog after he has eaten apple core, it is likely that he has cyanide poisoning. This can happen if he has been eating apple cores for a long time and the poisonous cyanide has accumulated in the body.

What Should You Do When Your Dog Eats an Apple Core?

Your reaction after your dog eats apple core depends on the amount eaten. In this case, if the amount is eaten is little, there is no need to worry. This is, for instance, the dog ate one apple. On the other hand, if your dog has eaten several apples, this means that they have consumed several apple cores. In this case, watch out for signs of poisoning such as those mentioned above. It would help if you also watched out for other weird experiences with the dog after eating an apple core. In this case, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible for advice.

Is an Apple Core Likely to Cause Death?

The chances of having a dog die after eating apple core are almost zero. After recovering from the symptoms mentioned above, your dog is well. This is especially if the dog had eaten a small amount of apple core. Apple core is likely to cause death only if the dog chocks since dogs swallow food without proper chewing. Therefore, if your dog has to eat apples, slice them, and give small bites that are unlikely to chock.

Should Dogs Eat Apples?

Given the risks of cyanide poisoning, you may keep your dog away from apples. However, apples are a great and delicious snack for the dog. They help keep the dog’s breath fresh and the teeth clean. Additionally, apples are a perfect source of carbohydrates, vitamin C, and fiber. Like in the case of humans, a dog that eats an apple a day rarely needs a vet. All you have to do is ensure that your dog does not eat the apple core. Discard the apple core where the dog cannot reach it and slice the apple to avoid choking.

In case your dog is new to apples, slowly introduce them to him. This will help tell whether he likes them or has a negative reaction to them. On the other hand, apples should not be consumed as the main dish for dogs. Instead, this should be a snack or a bonus to what the dog has already eaten.


Apple cores are as poisonous to dogs as they are to humans when taken in large amounts. Therefore, contact your vet if you realize any sign of apple core poisoning after your dog eats apple core. However, since prevention is better than cure, watch out whenever your dog is eating apples and prevent them from eating apple core.  

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