My Dog Ate an Ear Plug

Dogs can eat about any random stuff, especially if you haven’t trained them to keep off non-food items. It would not be strange that they eat an earplug. If they are your first dog, it is quite understandable to worry, not knowing the outcome. But most hounds do come out of the situation okay because of their unique digestive system, which smoothly allows all manner of objects to come out via stool. All you would have to do is patiently wait for the coming 24 to 72 hours for the earplug. A huge concern is for much smaller dogs due to their tiny airways. It is almost impossible to rule out choking accidents and blockages.

Why You Should Keep Watching

It is never wise to assume things will be alright. The best thing would be to keep watching for any unusual symptoms such as your dog not pooping as expected, loss of appetite, and lethargy, meaning that there could be some level of harm. Mostly any of these signs should prompt you into speaking to a vet. They would then instruct you on what to do in case things turn out bad. Sometimes your overwhelming worry would send you to the dog specialist, and although your pup will be okay, the reassurance can put your mind at peace.

Some of the Predicaments You Might Face

The expectation is that your dog will quickly regurgitate the earplug or have it pass in the stool within days. But sometimes, things do not happen as hoped.  Experts say there are situations where owners have waited for days on end without the suspicious object’s appearance, meaning that the best option at this point is a surgical procedure. But you might not be open to anyone slicing your pup’s stomach.  This implies you have to look for other treatment options other than surgery quickly. Another fear is if you induce vomiting, you also can’t rule out the earplug getting stuck at the esophagus. It means you have to find a definite way through which the plug can come out without surgery and without choking complications.

Easy Ways to Make Your Dog Vomit the Earplug

If your dog is not showing any signs of illness after the ingestion, you can opt for a simpler method to remove the earplug. For example, cook about two cups of squash. Blend it and add 1/3 of flaxseed into the puree, adding in an equal amount of water. The thing about adding flaxseed is that it makes the mixture slimy, enabling any vomit process much more comfortable on your dog. To make your dog spew up, first give him hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide dose is usually a teaspoon for each of your pup’s five pounds. You can use a syringe to administer the solution. Then, feed him with the food concoction.

Once the peroxide encounters the stomach contents, everything starts to bubble up, enabling your dog to throw up everything, including the foreign object. The flaxseed’s slippery nature allows the earplug to flow through the esophagus even in a tinier dog smoothly. The best thing is that you would have saved on the poop watching time, not sure of when you will see the earplug. And this move is cheaper compared to any vet services or surgical procedure that would have taken place.

Serious Situations May Require Urgent Vet Attention

Sometimes foreign object ingestions can turn out so severe that your dog requires vet attention. A few of the most immediate diagnostic steps include x-rays and ultrasounds to locate the exact location the earplug could be hiding. If it sailed into the stomach, an endoscopy might offer the most comfortable option to get it out. But what do you do if a vet suggests surgery? Mostly a surgical procedure should never be your first step treatment option for your dog. Always seek a second opinion before allowing your dog to go through the painful trauma.

Does Your Dog Love to Gobble on Foreign Objects?

It could not have just been the earplug. If yours is a dog that munches everything it finds, you never know when some of these objects can cause serious harm. Think of choking or blockages. An even trickier situation is where your pup eats poison or needs surgery. It is the reason you may have to keep your animal more confined. Alternatively, keep the objects they would want to chew out of their reach.

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