My Dog Ate an Earring

We keep dogs for various reasons. Some keep them as members of a home, While some for security purposes. Whichever the reason, your dog always has your back. When you get home from work after a stressful day, he is there to greet you at the door. When you are having problems in the house, your dog is there to help you feel better. We cannot fully understand how your dog is so resourceful, but we sure are grateful for them.

When much is in your trust, great responsibility also rests on your shoulders. Your dog, like a baby, needs a lot of care. That is because he will pick up anything on the surfaces. Ever wondered why you have been missing some of your stuff, like your earrings?

When your dog takes your earrings, he will not throw them in the trash can. On the contrary, the earring will end up in his belly. If you are lucky enough, it may end up in your dog’s poop.

This article focuses on the situation when your dog swallows an earring. We tell you, among other things, what you can do to save your dog, and how to keep them protected. If you are in this dilemma, let’s have this conversation going.

Why Your Dog Ate an Earring

Your dog is more like an infant. He cannot distinguish between what is good or bad. So, whatever he comes across, he will put it in his mouth.

Also, at times the problem is not your dog. It can be an accident since accidents happen, no matter how cautious you are. You could be playing with your dog, and then your earring drops on the floor. He picks it up, thinking it’s part of the game. You can’t blame him for that. Neither should you blame yourself.

The good news, however, is that your dog will be just fine. How does something dangerous become harmless? Follow on!

The Good News

You are probably wondering whether your dog will be fine after ingesting an earring. Well, the truth is that your dog will be okay, but the dog is not safe at the moment. What is the size of the earring? An average-sized earring can’t kill your dog. That is good news.

After two days, you will know whether your dog is safe or not. Now, the presence of the earring on your dog’s poop will determine their safety. Meanwhile, as you wait to see the outcome, here are some measures you can take.

Monitoring Your Dog

Whenever you have trouble with your furry friend, you should always contact your vet. In the case where your dog swallows an earring, your vet will ask you the size of the earring. Then your vet will ask you to do some monitoring job on your dog.

Monitoring your dog, in this case, is not tricky since, for two days, you will be checking his poop. After digestion, the earring, together with waste, will come out.

Red Flags When Your Dog Eats an Earring

The earring your dog swallowed should be out in two days. If it’s not, then there is a possibility that it has been trapped somewhere in the dog’s insides. That is the dangerous part.

When the earring gets trapped in your dog’s intestines, it can result in blockage in the intestines. When that happens, you will notice that your dog will develop lethargy or laziness. Other symptoms include vomiting, general weakness, pain and swelling in the abdomen, and poor appetite.

When you see your dog displaying the symptoms we have mentioned above, beware. Pay your vet an emergency visit as soon as you can. Your dog’s life depends on your promptness.

How About Saving Greens?

Removing it will cost you a lot if the ring happens to get stuck in your dog’s intestines. For a small dog, it will cost you about $800 to $1500. But if you have a big dog, it will cost you $1000 to $2500. There is only one way to save your cash;

Prevention. Teach your dog not to eat any foreign particles. It will take weeks and even months for your dog to catch up, but it’s worth the effort. You don’t have to go to expensive training. There are many on the internet already. Also, you can try being more cautious next time.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Having a dog in the house requires a lot of care. Unfortunately, that is not enough to prevent accidents; Accidents like your dog ingesting an earring. It is not life-threatening, but its complications are. So you should monitor your dog and watch for red flags. Always remember to contact your vet for professional help. Most importantly, begin as early as possible to train your dog against eating foreign particles.

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