My Dog Ate an Eraser

Dogs sometimes behave like a baby. Come to think of it; he could be your baby. The way a child explores is how your dog might behave. Aside from touching and tossing unique items, he may ingest substances too.

Has your dog eaten an eraser? Worry not, as it happens quite often. An eraser appears to be a chew toy. The dog might mistake the two, only that it doesn’t have a bell. The eraser is not toxic; hence you should not worry when this happens. However, it would help if you were watchful for any unforeseen occurrence, as we will discuss later.

Manufacturers use rubber or plastic to make erasers; hence they are indigestible. As such, it passes through the digestive system without issues. Despite this relieving thought, there are careful considerations to have in mind. Also, notice that you can only expect some mild reaction in most cases, like mild diarrhea or vomiting.

Size of the Dog and the Eraser Swallowed

If your dog is small, like a Pomeranian, and eats pieces of the eraser, it may cause bowel obstruction. The same case might not apply to a big dog. The eraser might pass through the digestive system with no hindrance. Depending on the size of your dog, you may not have cause to worry.

How will you know that your dog has bowel obstruction? Here are some signs to consider. If you observe them, then you need to schedule a visit to the vet with immediate effect. Vomiting, lack of appetite, weakness, abdominal pain, or swelling are but a few.

The Danger of Choking

Erasers are choking hazards. It doesn’t matter whether your dog is big or small; it can happen to both of them alike. If you notice signs like gagging, you should call a vet immediately. This condition is life-threatening.

Immediate Actions to Consider

Regardless of whether the dog chewed the rubber into pieces or swallowed it whole, here’s what to do. You can feed the dog with either 2-3 slices of high fiber bread, plain pumpkin, or brown rice cup. The aim is to create a cushioning around the eraser. This cushioning will help in preventing the eraser from scrapping the intestinal wall as it passes through. It also prevents it from sticking together as a lump.

Have you thought of inducing your dog to vomit? You can do this by giving him a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. It will serve the purpose. If after 15 minutes he hasn’t vomited, you can repeat the process.

Prevention Better Than Cure

Accidents are unavoidable. You can never be too careful. At the same time, you can not be overly cautious. You have to do what you can to ensure the safety of your pet. It calls for exercising much caution and care.

As a household, you need to be more careful when it comes to the storage of items. Keeping them securely away from any intrusion is vital. You will thus avoid the recurrence of such incidents.

Dog training is also crucial. Like in a child, discipline is also essential in dogs. With the right training, they will be more watchful of what they eat. During training, you can emphasize specific feeding times. The dog will thus avoid eating anything outside the scheduled feeding times.

When to Visit a Vet

After 24 hours of eating the eraser, you will see its traces on the dog’s poop. However, if after 72 hours you see nothing, then a visit to the vet is crucial. If you observe signs of bowel obstruction, you shouldn’t let it pass. Take your dog to the nearest vet. He may need a surgical procedure to remove the eraser as this condition is mostly life-threatening.

However, if your dog is choking, you can call the vet to check him out.

Wrapping Up

Erasers are nontoxic and indigestible. As such, they are likely to pass through the digestive system without an issue. However, there are dangers of choking and intestinal blockage that may arise. You, therefore, need to be watchful of signs that may show these.

A vet will help you address these dangers. If you have any other worries, do not hesitate to make them known to the vet. With immediate intervention, you can evade adverse effects.

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