My Dog Ate an Ice Pack

There are many things in your household that you use on a daily basis, like ice packs. This item is present in millions of households across the world. They are of different types and can easily be accessible to children and even to your pets in your house. If you have a dog with pica behavior, this is one thing you should expect him to ingest.

Now, what you should ask yourself is if ice packs are safe for your dog? Are they poisonous, and can they cause any health concerns? And what should you do if your dog happens to ingest the ice pack? How do you prevent your dog from ingesting ice packs? Find more about this topic here.

Can Dogs Eat Ice Packs?

A well-trained dog knows what to eat and what not to. However, there are those with pica behavior. They form a habit of eating anything they come across. Also, if you have young dogs, you should expect them to eat anything they can access in the house. But for puppies, this is not pica behavior. Since they are young, it is a way of learning and experiencing the world around them. As they grow older, they usually overcome this habit if given proper training. So, the answer is yes. Dogs can eat ice packs.

Is an Ice Pack Toxic to Dogs?

Ice packs contain chemicals with different levels of toxins.  The instant ice pack, for example, should raise some level of concerns if your dog happens to ingest it. These types of ice packs have chemical reactors and water. Some common chemicals in ice packs are ammonium nitrate and ethylene glycol. These two are usually toxic if a dog swallows them. It is highly toxic for ethylene glycol, meaning that it can pose a severe health risk to your dog.

What Harm Can an Ice Pack Cause to a Dog?

If your dog eats an ice pack, there is a possibility that he will become ill because of the toxins present in it. Like in the case of ice packs with ammonium nitrate, it can lead to serious dilation of blood vessels. It may result in low blood pressure restricting the amount of blood that flows to the dog’s body organs.

Ingestion of ice packs with ammonium nitrate can also lead to a condition known as methemoglobinemia. It is the impairment of oxygen known to carry red blood cells and can also lead to hemolysis (red blood cells destruction).

What Are the Signs That Your Dog Has Eaten an Ice Pack?

An ice pack can cause health problems if eaten in plenty. According to Animal Poison Control, there are several signs your dog will show if he has ingested a significant amount of ice pack. They recommend that you lookout for the following signs; nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, or dizziness. Slowed breathing is also another indication that your dog has ingested ice packs.

What to Do When Your Dog Eats an Ice Pack

Since the ice packs can be highly toxic, you should reach out to your vet as soon as you can. You also need to know the type of ice pack your dog has eaten.  As discussed earlier in this post, ice packs contain different chemicals with different levels of toxins. Some have fewer toxins, while others are highly toxic.

So, it will be easy for the vet to determine the type of poison if you give him the right name of the ice pack. Also, if you are able to tell the number of an ice pack your dog has swallowed, the better. It will help the vet to know the amount of toxins in your dog’s body.


It is now clear that the ice pack is dangerous to your dog. And you won’t be there around the clock to monitor what your dog eats. If you care for your dog, you will do the necessary to ensure that he doesn’t access any ice pack. 

Whether mild or highly toxic, it can cause discomfort and illness to your dog. So, the best way of preventing your dog from eating ice packs is to keep them away from his reach. You will be saving the life of your dog and the expenses you are likely to incur for treatment.

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