My Dog Ate an Oreo

While Oreos makes some of the most delicious cookie snacks for humans, they are not recommended for dogs. Of course, dogs have a liking for what their owner feeds on, and you have to say no if a particular food would wreak havoc on their system. But sometimes, you may find that your dog has eaten an Oreo without your knowledge, or you feed it, not knowing the repercussions until much later. There are many scenarios, and each is unique depending on the circumstances under which a dog ate the snack. You shouldn’t panic if they munched on a single Oreo as they will come off the whole ordeal fine. However, larger quantities for your tiny pup should be the reason you call the vet as soon as you can.

Several Factors Play a Critical Role in Your Dog’s Safety

A few considerations determine how safe your dog remains after eating an Oreo. For example, how large is your dog? You can expect different results if yours is a mastiff that has gorged on a whole packet of Oreos than if it was a smaller dog, say a Chihuahua. Another key contemplation

is the type of cookies your dog fed on and how much sugar could in the said Oreo, which could make it diarrhea, but you can provide plenty of liquids. Typically, your dog would react so differently if it ate a chocolate Oreo.

Experts usually advise keeping your dog completely off a chocolate Oreo as it consists of toxicity in the form of theobromine, so similar to caffeine. It is a dog poison that could cause stomach upset for your much smaller or even medium-sized dog. Another bigger concern is if your dog consumed an Oreo with some peanut butter in it. Reports indicate that some unknown chemicals, including xylitol in a few brands, could be poisonous for canines. Finally, if your dog is allergic to the Oreo, it means you need quick vet help to manage any reactions. 

What You Need to Do in the Meantime

Although straight-out poisoning may not be an issue, the most common side effect of such ingestion is diarrhea and dehydration. Your dog could also react by vomiting. The expectation is that the pup would start to show some of these symptoms within a short time. For this reason, it would be wise to set them in a secluded place as you wait. Make the area comfortable enough for them to lie down and place a water dish for rehydration purposes. 

You can also arrange sufficient amounts of puppy pads, making it easier to clean up the expected mess. Even if you are on watch, you can again speak to the vet for additional instructions to help your dog. The best news is that you can use an emergency hotline even if you are far away from your usual vet. With a free phone call, you can benefit from expert advice for your hound. The vet will most likely ask you to conduct a few onsite tests, including doing a pinch test to know the dog’s hydration level and perform other critical first aid actions.

Symptoms That Should Send You to the Vet

While a single Oreo might not cause any serious issues, all dogs react differently. In this case, quickly call your vet if your dog exhibits any trembling and shaking. Be on the lookout for seizures, too. Your pup might also present a tense or swollen stomach, meaning the Oreo might have caused severe bloating issues. Again, do not wait if your dog tries to vomit or poop, yet they can’t. At this point, only your vet can examine him and determine the exact issue. Mostly, the prognosis is good once you get timely medical treatment.

Your Dog Will Eventually Be Fine 

It can be scary to find your dog eating toxic food. But the good news is that there are no longer-term issues linked to dog consumption of an Oreo. Most of the problems, such as vomiting and diarrhea, usually resolve within a couple of days. The vet may advise you to provide bland food and a regular intake of fluids to rehydrate your pup. If the dog reacts badly, with non stop vomiting or severe diarrhea, they could be hospitalized to avoid pancreatitis issues. 

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