My Dog Ate Cat Litter

Having a dog and a cat in the same house is like having two kids in your house. As soon as you turn away, one of them does something wrong or disgusting. One of the most disgusting things that your dog can do is eating cat litter. In addition to being disgusting, it scares you, and you wonder whether all is well with your dog. However, it may surprise you to know that dog eating cat litter is a natural dog behavior. Unfortunately, in some cases, cat litter can be dangerous for dogs. Below is more information on dogs eating cat litter and what you should do about it.

Why Are Dogs Attracted to Cat Litter?

As the dog owner, you have probably bought every good feed for your dog to make sure that he is comfortable. For this reason, it may frustrate you when you realize that he keeps trying to eat cat poop. Before you get frustrated, understand what it is between dogs and cat litter. Dogs love stuff with a pungent smell like that of cat litter. Therefore, your dog will stay around the cat litter box since the smell attracts him.

Additionally, as disgusting as it may sound, dogs love the taste of cat litter. The material that cats pass out is mainly partially digested meat, which tastes delicious to your dog. Your dog’s attraction to cat poop may also be out of curiosity. 

What Happens When Your Dog Consumes Cat Litter?

Most of the components of cat litter are non-toxic to the dog. However, ingestion of cat litter can harm your dog in several ways. For instance, the dyes and perfumes used to mask odors from cat poop can cause allergic reactions if consumed by the dog. Additionally, when ingested in large amounts, the cat litter can cause a gastrointestinal blockage. This blockage can cause vomiting, diarrhea, gastrointestinal distress, and pain. In case foodstuffs and gas are unable to pass due to the blockage, this can lead to organ rupture.

Blockage of the small intestine caused by cat litter can also interfere with blood flow and circulation. This causes venous strangulation, which is a risky condition. In case it is not handled soon, it can result in a lack of oxygenation, which causes death. Cat litter can also cause constipation. This is especially if your dog consumed the clumping poop since it is absorbent and can absorb fluids in the gastrointestinal tract. An internal parasite that may be in the cat poop may affect the dog after he consumes it. Bacteria found in the cat litter can affect the dog’s teeth and the gastrointestinal tract as well.

What Should You Do When Your Dog Ingests Cat Litter?

Given the information above, it is dangerous if your dog eats cat litter. However, regardless of your effort to keep your dog away from cat litter, he may seem to get access to it and eat it. Some of the ways through which you can rectify such a situation include:

Stop Him from Eating More Cat Litter

When you catch your dog eating cat litter, immediately stop him from eating any more. Shut him away from the litter as you clear up the mess. When you stop the dog from eating any more litter, you are likely to reduce the risk since the more the litter consumed, the higher the health risks.

Inform Your Veterinarian

As mentioned above, some of the effects of cat poop on your dog are vital. Therefore, as soon as your dog eats cat poop, make sure that you invite a vet for a checkup. Your vet will need to know how much the dog has eaten and the type of cat litter he has eaten. Additionally, the vet will ask whether the dog has started showing any symptoms.

Follow Instructions Given and Observe Your Dog for a While

After diagnosis, the vet will be in a position to tell whether all is well with your fur friend. Therefore, to help ensure that it is well, follow all instructions given. For instance, they may recommend you to bring the dog to an animal hospital so that they can make him vomit. Additionally, they may recommend medication to help solve some of the problems that the litter may have caused. In addition to following these instructions, keenly observe your dog for any symptoms for the next few days. Inform the vet in case of anything unusual.


A dog eating cat litter is more disgusting than it is fatal. However, the litter exposes the dog to many health risks that could eventually lead to death. Strive to keep the dog away from cat litter and inform a vet as soon as you realize that your dog ate cat litter.

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