My Dog Ate Dental Floss

Dogs are naturally inquisitive and will want to sniff and taste almost everything. Sometimes your four-legged best friend will swallow things that are not food. Therefore, it should not surprise your dog to eat dental floss. This soft silky thread can pose serious hazards to your dog’s health.

Can Your Puppy Die from Eating Dental Floss?

Yes and no is the right answer, but dogs should not eat thread or other non-food items. As with any other foreign body, dental floss can expose your pooch to severe health issues. 

Even so, it can be harmless if your furry friend swallows a silky threat whose length is shorter than four inches. However, it is dangerous for your pooch to swallow a long string of floss. This can tie up your dog’s intestines. More so, this may result in intestinal obstruction and possibly painful death.

What to Look Out for if Your Dog Ingested Dental Floss?

Dental floss does not coat with toxic material and is not poisonous. Because floss is made of nylon or silk, it can easily pass through your puppy’s digestive system. Dental floss does not get dissolved by your dog’s gastric acid.  If you observe your puppy’s potty movements, you should see the string in the stools after a few days. Your four-legged friend is likely to act normal during this period.

However, this is true only if your dog ate silky thread that is shorter than four inches. It is essential to know how much floss your puppy has ingested. If you are not sure, it is safe to consult your veterinarian immediately. 

What to Do if Your Dog Ate Dental Floss

As mentioned above, if your furry friend swallowed a short string, you do not have to do anything. This is because it doesn’t interfere with your puppy’s digestive system. However, you need to act quickly if you noticed that your furry friend ingested a whole spool of floss. 

Sometimes, getting a professional to help you with a pet emergency can take time. In this case, you may want to induce vomiting as you wait for professional help to come to your dog’s rescue. 

How Soon Should You Induce Vomiting in Your Dog?

Vomiting is a home remedy that you can try yourself before taking a trip to the emergency vet. Even so, this technique is more straightforward if the floss has to be bundled up into a ball in your puppy’s stomach. This is why you need to act quickly before the ball of floss gets to the intestines. 

To induce vomiting, you have to do it within 2 hours from the time your dog ingested the dental floss. This home remedy is easy to administer. Nevertheless, it helps to have a professional on the phone to guide you through the various steps.

How to Induce Vomiting in Your Dog

Before you induce your pooch to vomit, ensure that you give your puppy something to eat. This is because dogs vomit out about 50% of their stomach content.

First, you need to know the weight of your puppy. It is recommended that you used one teaspoon of the solution per 5 pounds of body weight. You must NOT exceed three teaspoons per dog.

Secondly, fill the dosage in a syringe. It is best to gently squirt the solution near the back teeth of your dog’s mouth.  This way, your puppy will remain calm and not be irritated by the smell of the peroxide.

Thirdly, lead your dog to a hard surface and wait till your puppy vomits. Finally, inspect the vomit. This takes a few minutes if your dog is well-fed. 

When to See a Vet

It is extremely dangerous for your dog to swallow the whole spool of floss. If induced vomiting has not been successful, you need to contact your vet quickly. This situation should be treated as an emergency, considering that floss can tie up your dog’s intestines. This can cause fatal blockage in the guts, which can lead to necrosis.  If not treated within 2 hours, your dog may not survive.


It is not common for dogs to eat things that are not food. Sometimes regular puppies do eat almost anything. If your dog ate dental floss, the chances are that it will pass through the digestive system without any major problem.

However, the effects depend on the length of the floss.  A shorter string will not harm your puppy. But you must take quick action if your dog swallows a whole spool of dental floss.  The results can be fatal if not attended to within 2 hours of the incident. 

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