My Dog Ate Elmer’s Glue

Elmer’s glue is offered in plastic squeeze types of bottles armed with a twist and open dispenser lid. Elmer’s glue is found everywhere in our surroundings, like schools, small businesses, and even at home. And it is the reason why your dog can get an encounter with it. 

How Much Harm Can Elmer’s Glue Cause to Your Dog?

Before damping Elmer’s glue anywhere within the compound after use, you need to know the harm the glue can cause to your dog if he finds it and consumes it. If your dog consumes a small amount of Elmer’s glue, it might just upset his stomach for a little while, but if he consumes a large amount of it, it could be dangerous to your dog’s life and can go to the extent of doing surgery to your pet.

Signs and Symptoms of a Dog Who Ate an Elmer’s Glue

After realizing that your dog has eaten Elmer’s glue, you will start noticing some unusual signs in your dog. They are as follows;

Loss of Appetite

The Elmer’s Glue will make your dog’s stomach upset if your dog consumes it in a large amount. Once you see him losing appetite over sudden, it is an obvious thing that your dog ate the glue. The tension in your dog’s stomach can lead him to lack appetite for food. When you realize this, inform your vet immediately for a better prescription. 


The sudden loose and watery stools will start coming out from your dog if he eats a large amount of Elmer’s glue. The glue creates a disorder in your dog’s stomach; hence diarrhea starts. If your dog shows this sign, contact your vet to see if he can organize for an x-ray immediately.

Stomach Upset

Too much of Elmer’s glue might cause your dog to have a stomach disorder. You will realize that he shows some sign of pain in the stomach; just contact your vet to give you instructions, and most especially, don’t give your dog water. 

Immediate Actions After Your Dog Eating Elmer’s Glue

You might feel tensed and frustrated, but there is something that you need to do to help your dog recover. If you suspect that your dog might have taken in Elmer’s dog and you want to help him recover, keep reading.

Watch Out for the Signs

The signs and symptoms of a dog who ate Elmer’s glue has been discussed above, check them and see if he has any of the signs above. Pay attention and watch him closely.

Communicate to Your Vet

The moment you notice any of the signs, communicate to your vet, and inform them of how your dog is feeling. Make sure you don’t leave any details behind because it will help your vet know how to handle your dog’s situation. 

Avoid Giving Your Dog Water

Immediately you realize that your dog has eaten Elmer’s glue, don’t give him water for at least three hours. Water increases the size of the glue’s mass, which is inside your dog’s stomach. So, to avoid any further complications, don’t give him water within the hours and make sure your vet sees him before you give him water.

Monitor Your Dog Closely

This is the most obvious and common thing one can do; monitoring. While your dog is under medication, you need to watch him closely, especially with the kind of food he eats. Please don’t give him food that will upset his stomach as he is delicate.

Keep Away Such Substances

Understandably, substances like Elmer’s glue are found within our surroundings. The best solution is to keep them far away from where your dog can’t reach them; for the best of the both of you. It is on you. Train yourself to throw substances that can be harmful to your pets far away from them. Your pets count on you, always.


Elmer’s glue is very dangerous to dogs when consumed frequently or in a larger quantity. Such things you can try and keep them away from your family, especially from your dog. Because the moment your dog will find the glue within your surroundings, he will have the urge to eat it.

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