My Dog Ate Epsom Salt

The worst thing that can happen to dog lovers is losing their pet. That is why, when a dog ingests items and begins to show some health-related symptoms, they begin to panic. The same thing may happen to salt poisoning related symptoms. 

This post focuses on Epson salt and dogs. Reading through will help answer many of your questions regarding this topic. It answers questions like, how dangerous is Epsom salt? Can it kill a dog, and what are the symptoms? Are there any home remedies? And is salt poisoning treatable? 

What Happens if Your Dog Eats Epsom Salt?

There are many things that can happen to your dog if it eats Epsom salt. Note that too much intake of this can cause poisoning. If your dog ingests salt without drinking water to combat the effects, it can cause health issues. Also, note that if your dog consumes a large amount of salt in short intervals, giving it water may not help. You will have to take it to a vet for further diagnosis and treatment.

When your dog takes a large amount of salt in short intervals, the cells in the body begin to release water. It does this to equal the salt levels in the blood. This process may cause the cells to suddenly run short of water. When cells lack water, it leads to brain cell destruction. When this happens, it causes neurological signs like headache, dizziness, and seizures.

Can a Dog Die from Consuming Epsom Salt?

What most people ask is if a dog can die from eating salt. Just you know, the answer is yes. Ingestion of salt can lead to the death of your dog. Here is what happens. When your dog consumes salt, and much of this is absorbed in the blood, it can cause loss of moisture in the muscles. The muscles will eventually shrink and become stiff, causing the dog to shake and jerk. When the salt affects the brain cells, this may lead to convulsions, and your dog may go into a coma. If things get worse, he can die.

Symptoms of Epsom Salt Poisoning

When a dog eats salt, it can experience lots of symptoms. They may range from neurological, gastrointestinal to cardiovascular. Salt poisoning symptoms are many. They include increased heart rate, loss of appetite, headache, and high fever. There will also be a lack of energy, nausea, stomach pains, seizures, respiratory distress, and muscle spasms.

However, the most extreme symptoms your dog will exhibit after consuming salt are extreme thirst and lack of urination. Note that taking a lot of water induces urination, which helps to eliminate excess salt from the body. When your dog drinks lots of water, it dilutes the salt in the blood, which exits the body through urine.

What to Do When Your Dog Ingests Epsom Salt

If your dog eats much salt, the best home remedy is to ensure that you give him lots of drinking water. It will help to dilute the salt in the blood. It would help if you did not stop there. Since you don’t know the damage the salt may have caused, you must take it to a vet. 

He will diagnose the dog to determine if there is any health problem that may require medication. Proper diagnosis should be able to show any damages the salt may have caused. The doctor will then administer the right treatment to cure your pet.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The diagnosis of salt poisoning will include a physical examination. The vet will check things such as your dog’s reflexes, pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure, weight, and respirations. Apart from this, your vet will also want to know the amount of salt consumed and the time of ingestion. You will also let him know the kind of symptoms you have noticed. The vet will also conduct urinalysis, blood chemistry, blood count, and gasses. Your vet may also perform cardiac diagnosis. 

Treatment for dog poisoning will vary depending on the diagnosis results. Some of the treatments that the vet is likely to carry out is putting your dog on oxygen. The vet may also administer IV fluid therapy and electrolytes to manage dehydration.


Epsom salt poisoning in dogs can be fatal. However, if you act immediately, it becomes easier to treat. So, if your dog ingests salt, give it water, and look out if it will show any health-related symptoms as mentioned above. If they are present, ensure that you visit your nearest vet. Early diagnosis and treatment of salt poisoning are crucial when it comes to saving your dog’s life.

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