My Dog Ate His Vomit

If you happen to live with a dog in your house, you are ready to face life. They are quite a lot of fun and annoying at the same time. If you happen to have a dog with some courtesy, you can share a table with them during meals. However, if you are unfortunate like many other pet keepers, that’s another thing altogether.

Dogs will eat whether it be other animal’s poop, dead animals, or anything you can fathom. While many people can be okay with that, some are less acceptable. The problem that most dog owners have is seeing their dogs eat their vomit. Can you imagine that? We hope you are not reading this article with food on your table. And if you are, take a glass of ginger with lemon water. Thank us later.

In this article, we tell you why your dog eats his vomit. We also tell you what you can do to stop your dog from eating his vomit. So, if you are in this situation, let’s have this conversation going.

Reasons Behind Your Dog Eating Their Vomit

Before we understand the whole issue, we have to look at why your dog is vomiting. Vomiting is not supposed to take place while eating or under normal circumstances. So for your dog to eject, there has to be a reason. So let’s explore them.

The first reason is that your canine does not like what they are eating. That’s quite obvious. Right? It also applies to the human family. We only vomit when we do not like what we are taking in. So if your dog hates what he is eating, he has to express it in action since he cannot talk.

The other reason your dog could vomit is that he is sick. That is common in us too. When we are sick, our tastes change. Also, our body organs like the stomach are sensitive. So we end up removing whatever the body seems to reject. That is the case with your dog.

We share a lot with canines concerning how the body functions, except that we have a complex body.

Is It Vomit or Regurgitation?

Before we proceed further, it is vital to note that there is a massive contrast between vomiting and regurgitating. You probably haven’t thought about that lately, have you? Well, let’s take a stab at it. We want to use a lay man’s language to ensure you get this point.

When was the last time that you vomited? There are two ways you can vomit. You either trigger it, or it just comes out naturally. Now that is the nature of vomit. It comes out without your dog playing any part. That is pretty different as compared to regurgitating. The stuff that comes out of your dog has not been digested by and has some yellow substance called bile.

However, with regurgitation, your dog has to play a role.

Why Your Dog Ate His Vomit

Two theories can explain why your dog ate his vomit. The first is that your dog can still smell the food in the puke. Did you catch that? Your dog’s sense of smell is greater than yours. He has 300 million smell receptors, while you only have 6 million receptors in your nose. That’s why your dog can smell you a block away.

The other reason is that your dog is weaning itself to adulthood. When mama is getting ready to wean her puppies, she has to help them transition from milk to solid. So she has to chew food for them and regurgitate. So when your dog is eating his vomit, he is doing what mama used to do. That’s grossly cute.

When to Be Concerned

Is your dog vomiting too much? Now that can be a concern. It could indicate a severe condition—conditions like colitis or obstruction of his intestines. So give thought to your dog’s conduct.

Best Way to Discourage Vomit-Eating Habit

Even if a dog ingesting vomit is not strange, please discourage the habit. The best way to do that is by removing the dog from the place he’s vomited. By that, you will deny him the opportunity of eating his vomit.

When to Call Your Vet

There is no need to fret if your dog just ate his vomit. However, it would be best if you watched out for accompanying symptoms, including diarrhea, blood-stained vomit, and lethargy.

If you notice the symptoms, contact the vet immediately. The vet will run a few tests to determine the state of your dog’s health.

Wrapping It Up

Vomiting in dogs and even regurgitating is not a strange thing in the dog’s family. And so is eating their vomit. Do not focus much on your dog, eating his vomit since it won’t affect your dog’s health. Instead, focus on the reason for vomiting. Watch out for accompanying signs that are red flags. When you have your doubts, contact your vet.

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