My Dog Ate Kinetic Sand

If you have kids, your home can’t lack kinetic sand as they love playing with it. With kinetic sand at home, are your pets safe, or it can endanger their life? It is wise to look at how they coexist if you’ve got a dog and small kids. Remember, your kids may be allergic to the pup’s fur. On the other hand, you should be careful about keeping your kid’s toys as the puppy can chew some. If your hound eats kinetic sand, don’t get mad as it’s normal for dogs to eat up non-food objects. In this case, you should consider helping him and work on the best preventive measures to stop that from happening. To understand all these, read this informative article.

The Composition of Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is made up of normal sand with a silicone coating. The silicon is an oil that’s for lubrication, although it makes the sand moldable. Children use the kinetic sand to create different fun shapes that keep them busy playing all day. If you have the sand at home, don’t think your puppy will spare it if he gets it since it resembles his food. 

What Makes Kinetic Sand Harmful to Your Dog

Even though both the sand and silicon are not poisonous, you shouldn’t allow your canine to eat them. Your puppy shouldn’t eat kinetic sand because it will not move past his guts or bowels. If this happens, your hound won’t be comfortable and maybe in pain. If your dog ate large amounts of kinetic sand, the complications would be worse. Instead of the kinetic sand getting out, it will remold when your hound tries going for a long call.  When this happens, it will lead to obstruction, which requires surgery.

Signs That Your Puppy Ate Kinetic Sand

When your furry friend eats kinetic sand, he will have an intestinal obstruction, which will lead to other signs. Your dog will be vomiting, have pain or swelling in the abdomen. Your puppy’s appetite will also reduce as he experiences constipation and diarrhea. Eating kinetic sand will also cause your dog to be dehydrated and experience lethargy. If your puppy exhibits severe symptoms, don’t waste time before calling the vet.

Reasons Why Your Dog Ate Kinetic Sand

It’s weird for your puppy to eat kinetic sand, but then boredom can push him into doing that. Another reason is that kinetic sand resembles his food, so he’ll confuse it with it. If your dog loves eating non-food stuff, expect him to eat kinetic sand if he comes into contact with it.

How to Help Your Puppy After They Ingest Kinetic Sand?

Before settling on the best way to help your hound know the amount of kinetic sand he ate. Remember, when you go to your vet, he/she will ask you this. Since kinetic sand will keep on remolding in your dog’s intestines, take him to the vet to conduct an x-ray. Your vet may also decide to induce vomiting to see if the kinetic sand can come out if it’s not long since he ate it. But if the sand is already in your puppy’s intestines, the vet will have to do surgery. After the surgery, take good care of your pup as he nurses his wound. You can also try giving your puppy mineral oil at home and see if it can help him get rid of the kinetic sand.

Preventive Measures

You can protect your dog from eating kinetic sand by keeping it far away from his reach. Stopping him from going to your kid’s play area can also reduce his chances of eating kinetic sand. The older kids who play with the kinetic sand caution them not to throw it anyhow in the compound. If possible, let them know where they should store them so that your puppy doesn’t get a chance to eat them.


Dogs have funny eating behaviors, some of which make them eat unauthorized objects that are harmful. If your puppy ate kinetic sand not long ago, your vet could induce vomiting. But if it has taken several hours, the vet knows the right procedure to follow to save your puppy’s life, so call him/her. Remember to be cautious if you have kinetic sand in the house and, if possible, keep it safe.

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