My Dog Ate My AirPods

Dogs are good company and can keep you entertained from time to time. That is why it may worry you when your four-legged friend eats something that is not food. More so, it can be frustrating if you are not sure about the item your pooch has ingested. 

It may not be easy to figure out that your dog has swallowed a small item like an AirPod. This is true if you didn’t see your puppy snatch it or chew it.  Your only alternative to knowing the truth is to have your dog examined by your veterinarian.

What to Do After Your Dog Ingests Your AirPods

A small sized AirPod may pass through your puppy’s digestive system without any major problems. Nevertheless, it is wise to take your dog to your veterinarian for further examination and X-ray. This is important because it gives you peace of mind, and your vet can advise you on the next steps to take. In most cases, a diet high in fiber can help smaller AirPods come out the other end in a few days.

Ingesting a foreign object can make your dog pass stool more often. Even with this condition, your dog may act normal. The best action you need to take is to monitor your rover’s potty movement to check for the AirPod. It helps the object pass through quickly if you overfeed your puppy on foods like sweet potato and canned pumpkin.

Signs That Your Dog Ate Your AirPod

Sometimes your dog may act normal and not show any signs after eating your AirPod. This happens especially when the ingested item is small and is without sharp edges.  It may take your fur friend minutes to vomit out. But sometimes, the item may take a day or two to come out together with your dog’s stool.

In most cases, it is common for dogs to become lethargic and vomit after ingesting non-food items such as AirPods. In severe instances, a dog may also stop pooping and experience stomach discomfort.

What if Your Dog Acts Normal After Eating Your Airpod

It is expected of your pooch to eject a swallowed non-food item.  This can either be through vomit, pooh, or surgery. But sometimes, it may take a day or two. During this time, your rover can still act normal before the AirPod is ejected. This can be deceiving, and you may be tempted to take your eyes off your puppy. 

You need to be reminded that even if your dog is eating and drinking well, it is essential to monitor until you see the AirPod ejected through vomit or stool. The reason for this is that your dog may suddenly develop complications when the AirPod enters the small intestines. 

With a blocked intestine, your puppy will be unable to hold down food or water. Besides the stomach upset, it will be impossible for your dog to poop. If the AirPod does not pass through, your dog will need surgery immediately.

When to Worry if Your Dog Ate Your AirPods

Most AirPods are small in size, and your dog can swallow one quite easily. Even so, accidents do happen, and your puppy may guzzle it the wrong way. It is a worrisome situation if your fur baby starts to choke on the AirPod. In this case, it requires that you take your dog to the vet immediately. This situation can lead to difficulty in breathing and cause more serious problems for your puppy.

It is also worth worrying if you spot blood in your rover’s pooh. This can happen if your puppy chewed the AirPod. Even tiny sharp pieces of AirPods can be lethal and may puncture your dog’s throat and gut. 

You must not delay seeking professional advice if you notice any abnormal behavior in your dog.


It is common for dogs to eat things that are not food. This behavior can expose your puppy to health hazards that can turn out to be fatal. Even so, most of the symptoms your dog may experience are treatable, and your dog should be fine in a few days.

Most importantly, you must consult your veterinarian if your dog becomes lethargic, vomits, and stops pooping after ingesting non-food objects such as AirPods. It is good to remember that your dog needs to get help within the first two hours.

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