My Dog Ate Pizza

Pizza is one of the yummy foods consumed by millions of people across the world. It is also one of the easiest takeaway dishes you can order and have dropped at your doorstep. But how safe is it to your dog? Is it toxic, and can your dog become sick from consuming pizza? What kind of pizza is most dangerous to your dog, and what should you do if your dog eats it? Find more about pizza and dogs here.

Can Dogs Eat Pizza?

Yes, a dog can eat pizza and many other things humans eat. So, if you don’t keep foodstuffs away from your dog’s reach, it will feast on them. Puppies in your home can be very annoying. Their natural curiosity makes them pick and ingest almost everything. Also, if you have a dog with pica behavior, you should expect the same thing. It will pick and chew anything it comes across.

Is Pizza Safe for Dogs?

Pizza can be safe for your dog, depending on the type of toppings. If they are fresh and not processed, it can be safe for the dog to eat. However, if the toppings contain spices such as onions and garlic, it becomes toxic. However, since most pizzas contain lots of spices, it makes pizza generally not safe for your pet canine.

Can a Dog Get Sick from Eating Pizza?

There are different types of pizzas. So, whether your dog will get sick or not will depend on the type of pizza you feed him. As mentioned above, some pizza toppings can be harmful to your dog. They are highly toxic and can upset your dog’s stomach. Also, note that dogs can be intolerant to lactose and sensitive to wheat.

On the other hand, fresh pizza toppings are generally healthy so long as there are no onions, garlic, or any other allergy-inducing spices. However, once you use processed toppings, the pizza becomes risky. So, before you decide to share a piece of this delicious dish with your pet, you should first check the toppings on it. 

Can a Dog Die from Eating Pizza?

Yes, your dog can die from eating pizza, especially if it is prepared using unsafe toppings and under unhygienic conditions. However, serious situations like death are usually rare. It can only happen if the dog eats a large amount of pizza with dangerous toppings, which is also unhygienic. The most common health risk is your dog becoming sick.

What to Do if Your Dog Consumes Pizza with Garlic or Onions

In case your dog eats pizza containing onions or garlic, ensure that you take him to the vet right away. The treatment the vet will administer will depend on how much the dog has ingested. Another thing that will determine the treatment is how long it has been since eating the pizza. This kind of information will help your vet to come up with appropriate treatment. If you manage to take him for treatment immediately, the vet will flush out the pet’s stomach by inducing vomiting. Another thing your vet may use is activated charcoal. It helps to manage the poisoning and possible allergic reaction.

Important Consideration

There are some pizzas that you should never feed your dog. A good example is pepperoni pizza. It has toxic ingredients such as onion and garlic, which are highly toxic to your dog. Note that what the human stomach can tolerate dogs’ may not.

Also, pizzas are high in fats, sugars, and sodium. So, if you let your dog feed on it, it may upset his stomach. In severe cases, it can lead to severe long-term health problems if you happen to feed him on pizza more regularly.


Your dog feeding on pizza should be a concern. It would help if you treated it as an emergency because pizza toppings are generally toxic. The case can even be serious if he happens to ingest raw dough. So, to save him from poisoning, ensure that he keeps off from foodstuff that can harm his health.

Pizza can be yummy but a danger to your dog. If you must have it in your home, ensure that it is not within his reach. Your children should also refrain from sharing a piece of pizza with the dog. It is better to prevent the situation than to be sorry.

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