My Dog Ate Playdough

Playdough is a modeling clay you can’t afford to miss in your home if you’ve got active kids who love creating objects. If you have a puppy, how safe is he with the playdough around him? Don’t assume that if you’ve got the homemade playdough, it’s safer than the commercial one. Remember, they’re both made of the same materials. Is playdough poisonous? What will happen to your puppy after eating it? To have a more in-depth insight into all these, read this informative article. It’ll help you understand why your furry friend should never eat playdough even if it’s not toxic. 

What Makes Playdough Harmful?

Playdough is made using flour, salt, water, and food coloring. Water, flour, and food coloring can’t harm your puppy; however, the salt is not safe for him. The salt will be toxic for him since it causes muscle shrinkage and rigidity. With muscle rigidity, your furry friend will experience twitching and tremors. The worst bit of your dog eating playdough is because it will result in the shrinking of the cells in his brain. The brain cells will shrink in a bid to dilute the salt from the playdough. Another harm of your canine eating playdough is it can cause intestinal blockage if he ate a large amount. With obstruction, your puppy will be in pain and won’t be able to poop it out.

How Can You Tell Whether Your Canine Ate Playdough?

There are symptoms that your puppy will exhibit after eating playdough. The first sign you will note is that your puppy will be vomiting in response to the irritation the playdough brings. Your hound’s appetite will also go down as he diarrheas and becomes thirsty frequently. Eating playdough will also make him lethargic with tremors and frequent urination. Seizures can also manifest in your puppy after eating playdough. Remember, salt poisoning can cause serious health problems on your hound like kidney failure or death if not well-taken care of. So be cautious and call your vet to help him out. 

Analyzing the Poisoning in Your Puppy After Ingesting Playdough

It’s wise for your vet to assess the extent of damage the playdough has on your puppy. The vet will ask you to provide a full medical history of your furry friend together with his previous injuries and illnesses. Do give correct occurrences after your pooch eating playdough so that he gets the right treatment. Don’t forget to mention your dog’s symptoms after eating playdough and if you’ve given him anything. Have his weight, height, and temperature measures as the vet will ask those too.

After knowing all the above information, the vet will carry out several blood tests, including urinalysis, to determine the salt level. The vet will also conduct an electrocardiogram to know his electrical impulse. If there’s intestinal obstruction, your vet will need to do an x-ray to see where the playdough is in your puppy’s body.

Treating Your Canine After Eating Playdough

After determining the amount of playdough your puppy ate, look for the best way to help him in his agony. But first, check if he ate the playdough container too or any ornament on it. Then call your vet to help you monitor his condition as the salt may harm your pup. Because playdough will make your puppy dehydrated, the vet will administer intravenous fluids to boost his health. The IV fluids will also help reduce the swelling in his brain. 

The vet will also use warm water to increase your puppy’s fluid level and reduce the salt concentration. If your dog has a brain swelling after eating playdough, the vet will administer dexamethasone or DMSO. Your puppy will rest at the hospital under watch. If it’s not long since your pooch ate the playdough, the vet can induce vomiting. But if there’s intestinal obstruction, your dog will have to undergo surgery to remove the playdough.

Preventive Measures

If you want to make your puppy safe in your home, keep the playdough away from his reach. Ask your kids to be careful with the playdough and don’t allow them to throw it anyhow. You can also prevent your dog from going to your child’s play area to avoid accessing playdough.


Ensure your dog doesn’t get into contact with non-food stuff like playdough by keeping them safe. Observe symptoms because he’ll be in danger after consuming playdough. Don’t hesitate to call your vet afterward to save him. Remember, with the right treatment, your puppy will be safe after eating playdough.

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