My Dog Ate Polyester Stuffing

It can be scary once you find out that your beloved hound has ripped and chewed up your pillows or their toys. Most of the stuffing is polyester, and upon its shredding, it usually expands. Any ingestion can be harmful to your dog unless the amount is negligible. Although vets always think eating unnatural substances could be behavioral, it is advisable not to leave toys lying around and within easy reach of your pet dog.

Generally, the severity of ingestion depends on whether the dog ate just a little bit of the stuffing or massive amounts. The larger the ingestion, the more apprehensive you should be, and the faster you should be contacting your vet. Alternatively, if you are sure it is merely a small piece, the vet might advise you to wait for it to either vomit or poop it out.

Can Polyester Stuffing Be Harmful to Your dog? 

Several risks accompany any polyester ingestion. It all depends on the amount your dog has eaten. A little amount of ingestion may not cause much concern but can still cause a few medical issues. The first thing to watch for is vomiting and diarrhea. The vet could also advise that you poop/vomit watch for the next 2 or 3 days to see if it comes out. Once this happens, your pup will be just fine.

Massive Ingestion Is More Dangerous 

Polyester stuffing expands once the dog rips them up. Therefore, the more it eats, the quicker it could get stuck at the esophagus and make your dog choke. The same could also interfere with breathing and drinking. Larger pieces can cause intestinal blockage, which is often life-threatening. You need to call your vet if your dog appears weak immediately, they are vomiting or exhibiting abdominal pain.

Do they have a loss of appetite, are anxious, whiny, or dehydrated? You need not take any chances. If the obstruction has been on for longer than necessary, it can damage the intestinal tissue and lead to blood circulation issues. It is a major cause of tissue necrosis and can rapture the intestines. At this point, the animal is also quite prone to infections and blood sepsis.

Common Symptoms for Polyester Stuffing Ingestion

Although the chances are that your hound will eventually be alright, symptoms could aggravate depending on the exact location and severity of the problem. For example, if your dog is experiencing breathing difficulties and choking, the obstruction could be at the esophagus.

What of intestinal blockage? The symptoms in this location are slightly different. For example, the dog can exhibit severe abdominal distress, vomiting, and either constipation or diarrhea. Mostly, as it takes about 12 to 24 hours for typical food to digest, the likelihood is that polyester stuffing ingestion symptoms will also take a while before they manifest.

Diagnosis and Treatment Options

You need to contact your vet right away once you suspect your pup has eaten polyester stuffing. While the temptation is there to wait for them to poop or vomit, you are not just sure how much of the polyester stuffing your dog might have consumed. Anytime waste could be costly.

Once at the clinic, the vet can also make their diagnosis to ascertain the incident’s severity. They may choose to perform an X-ray, which helps to locate the exact area of obstruction.

Is the polyester stuffing already in the intestines? Often, there are two primary treatment options. The first is to wait for it to come out naturally via poop. But if it is taking forever and timing is usually of the essence in such situations, the vet will have to do an endoscopy. In severe cases, the vet may opt for a surgical procedure.

Safeguarding Your Dog Against Polyester Ingestion

The best safety recommendations and preventive measures are to avoid polyester stuffed toys for your dog. Carefully select the type, and in this case, rubber toys would suffice. But if you must have the polyester type of dog toys, then keep them away from the reach of your dog. Let them play with the toys under supervision. Also, supervise your dog as they play around with the stuffy polyester toys to avoid ripping and ingestion.

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